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Lessons from history: Meet the inventor of "Political Home Reality Shows" and the "Big Lie"

The new year has just begun and Sarah Palin is quiet – though certainly not for long. This “break” gives me the perfect opportunity for a look back in history. In this case, I am talking about the “dark” history of the 20th century, and there are some interesting and shocking details to discover.
Sarah Palin is a “phenomenon” which still is not easy to understand. Accordingly, mainstream America seems to be uncertain about how to treat her. On the one hand, she is widely considered to be a laughable, ignorant person, as an extreme political outsider without “gravitas”, but on the other hand, the extreme nature of her political positions didn’t stop a channel like ABC to feature her daughter Bristol (and at the same time, Sarah) on DWTS, and didn’t stop TLC from producing a folksy family propaganda show about the greatness of Alaska and the greatness of Sarah Palin’s family.
Commentators in the MSM usually shy away from some of the conclusions that seem obvious for almost anyone who closely examines Sarah Palin – in particular, the apparent narcissistic nature of her personality. Wikipedia remarks:

Although most individuals have some narcissistic traits, high levels of narcissism can manifest themselves as a pathological form as narcissistic personality disorder, whereby the patient overestimates his or her abilities and has an excessive need for admiration and affirmation.

I would definitely say that Sarah Palin has an excessive need for admiration and affirmation, and one of the best pieces of evidence for this claim is her “reality show” on TLC, and also the overly enthusiastic picture she constantly paints of her own family, in particular of her children.

Sarah claims to trump the competition in being a great hunter, fisherman, mother etc., and she also has no hesitation to praise her children as being role models, for example in “America by Heart” when she talks about Bristol on page 96:

It didn’t take long after that magical night, however, for both new parents to realize how much work—and how little fun—teenage parenting is. But my strong, beautiful Bristol reacted in a way that made me proud. She went to college. And worked full time. A nd took care of a needy, colicky baby through many, many sleepless nights, doctor’s appointments, and lonely, cold car rides to and from babysitters. She worked as hard as any young single mother could possibly work.

Well, I haven’t seen the college that Bristol “went to”, but it surely exists in Sarah Palin’s mind, and that should be good enough for her fans.
According to Sarah Palin, the “courage” of Bristol in earning hundreds of thousands of dollars through speaking out to “pause” and/or to be “abstinent” is truly remarkable (p. 121):

Bristol has boldly and publicly acknowledged in ads for the Candie’s Foundation that abstinence is the only surefire way of preventing pregnancy. A nd for this, she has been accused of being a hypocrite. But to those critics I say this: Which is the more courageous course for a young, single mother: to sit down and shut up and avoid the critics, or to speak out in a painfully honest way about how tough single parenting is? I’m biased, of course, but given a choice of role models between Bristol and Murphy Brown, I choose Bristol.

Naturally, her son Track made Sarah Palin proud as well, as she explains on page 36 in “America By Heart”:

On September 11, 2008, the brigade’s deployment to Iraq landed the soldiers in the Diyala Province, northeast of Baghdad, fighting insurgents and helping to rebuild that war-torn country. Then, on September 11, 2009, he as scheduled to return home. Like all military families, his sisters, his baby brother, Todd, and I were overjoyed that Track is coming home safe. But at the last second, the family of one of the other members of the Stryker Brigade had a medical scare. Track’s fellow soldier had to get home fast, and there were no extra seats on the transport. So Track, God bless him, gave up his seat. He had to stay an additional month in the heat and sand and danger of Iraq for another available flight home. At first, he didn’t want to tell us about the reason for his delay. He still doesn’t like to talk about it, much less have his mom crow about it in print. But then I finally heard the story of what he did for his fellow soldier, I think I was prouder of my son than I had ever been before.

However, two facts stand in contradiction to this “report” by Sarah Palin about Track’s selfless behavior in “America by Heart.”

“The Palins are expecting the return of eldest son Track this weekend from a yearlong deployment with an Army combat brigade in Iraq,” Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton told The Washington Times. “Mrs. Palin also has her first major paid speaking engagement in Hong Kong” in a few days, she added

Secondly, while this report is no final proof that Track did indeed return on the weekend of the 19/20 September 2009, we do know that Track “CJ” (cough, cough) Palin was already home on October 2, 2009, because that is the day when he received a speeding ticket in Alaska. So Sarah’s account in “America by Heart” is a deliberate exaggeration, presented in order to make the behavior of Track appear “greater” than it actually was. In writing about these events in this manner in “America by Heart”, Sarah in my opinion also somehow diminishes the altruistic nature of Track’s act.
Sarah Palin is a complex person who seems to defy “simple explanations”, and the regular readers of Palingates will know that we sometimes take the liberty to look back at extreme politicians in history, especially the Nazis in order to draw parallels to current events and in order to understand history and learn from it. While history doesn’t repeat itself 100%, I believe that the during the 20th century people got more than enough insights into the minds and actions of totalitarian politicians. There are more than enough lessons to be learned from the past.
Recently I watched a new TV-documentary which was produced by the leading German magazine “Der Spiegel.” This 78-minute long documentary reports about the conclusions of a new biography about Joseph Goebbels, written by the accomplished German historian Peter Longerich. In his body of work, Longerich focuses on the Third Reich and the Holocaust. He is currently the Director of the Research Centre for the Holocaust and Twentieth-Century History at the Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, University of London. His new biography about Joseph Goebbels, with the impressive length of 912 pages, doesn’t seem to be available in English language so far.
I didn’t expect too much from this “Spiegel” documentary, which was distributed on DVD together with a weekly edition of the magazine, but then I was really taken aback by a whole “series” of apparent “parallels” between one of the darkest people in history, Joseph Goebbels, and the woman we usually write about.
I today published a few minutes of this documentary in a clip on youtube, together with English subtitles. There is one particular fact I was never really aware about before watching this documentary: Apparently caused by a severe narcissistic personality disorder, Joseph Goebbels created a “public cult”, not just around him, his upbringing and his home town, but especially around his family and his children.
For example, at some point during the 1930s after the Nazis came to power, Joseph and his wife Magda Goebbels started to commission professionally shot “birthday movies”, which featured their six little children, who congratulated Joseph Goebbels and showed other scenes from their family life. Over the years, this became more and more excessive, and it is noted on several webpages that for example in 1942, the Goebbels children appeared on no less than 34 occasions in the weekly German national news reels (“Deutsche Wochenschau”), one of the most important instruments of cinematic Nazi Propaganda. The children served as the German (and Nazi) “model family.”
The clip I made with excerpts from the “Spiegel” documentary gives you an impression. Please be aware that there are graphic images of the corpses of Joseph and Magda Goebbels and their dead children at the beginning of the clip. As most of you will know, Joseph and Magda Goebbels killed their six children before committing suicide in May 1945.

What stands out in looking back at this horrific exploitation of Joseph Goebbels’ children is the increasingly excessive nature of the exploitation, which in my opinion cannot be explained by propaganda purposes alone. In addition, not shown in the clips above, Joseph Goebbels as the head of the German propaganda and the movie business also started to produce movies about his home town and the home in which he grew up, claiming that he had a happy, perfect childhood. In reality, as historian Peter Longerich points out, Goebbels’ childhood was far from perfect, for example due to a severe deformation of his right leg which developed when Goebbels was five years old. In addition, Goebbels later was a mediocre student at University, obtaining a PhD with a low mark, however, on virtually every occasion in later life he made sure that he was introduced as “Dr. Goebbels.”

History never repeats itself in identical ways, but we should all educate ourselves and try to learn from history.

In addition, Joseph Goebbels “perfected” a technique that is still very relevant today – especially as far as Sarah Palin is concerned: The “Big Lie.”

The Big Lie theory goes like this: A gigantic, audacious lie is more likely to be believed by the masses than a small one if it is repeated often enough. First articulated in the pages of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler (who attributed the practice, of course, to Jews) and deployed as a tactic by Nazi master propagandist Joseph Goebbels, the Big Lie went mainstream in 2010, as its propagators on the Right were accepted by big media as respectable articulators of a legitimate point of view.

The “Big Lie” is the classic “Sarah Palin concept.” She has embraced it like nothing else. Her “official” life story is full of these “big lies” that she repeats over and over and over again.

A happy family life? A big lie. A happy marriage? A big lie. Sarah Palin’s “life-affirming” pregnancy and birth of Trig? A big lie. The list goes on.
Don’t let a politician with a severe narcissistic personality disorder get into the White House, and don’t give this person a platform. You all understand this, but unfortunately ABC and TLC and Fox News don’t.
Oh, speaking about Fox News: Kathleen found something interesting today which hasn’t been discussed on Palingates so far. It turns out that one of the main propagandists for Adolf Hitler before he got into power was – Fox News:

Observers of the current US election season have noted the prominent role of Rupert Murdoch’s reactionary Fox News Channel, which currently employs GOP and “Tea Party” partisans Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Sean Hannity, and others. Some have alleged that a television network carrying so many potential political candidates and propagandists on its payroll is unprecedented. But there is a precedent for large-scale Fox intervention into a political campaign.

In 1932, the German newsreel subsidiary of Fox News Channel’s corporate ancestor, Fox Films, intervened in national elections in Germany.

The candidate Fox supported was Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

The basic facts are available in German historian Hans Mommsen’s authoritative study entitled The Rise and Fall of Weimar Democracy, which is translated into English and widely available in over five hundred libraries in this country. Mommsen, one of the most distinguished postwar German historians, is now Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Bochum. In Mommsen’s account of Nazi propaganda techniques, we find the following: “There was nothing that escaped the ingenuity of Nazi propagandists. A case in point was the use of film. Under Goebbels’ influence the party had begun to exploit the potential of the political propaganda film to an unprecedented extent as early as 1930. Such films were shown mostly in places where Hitler and other prominent party leaders were not able to appear as speakers. For the manufacture of outdoor sound film, the NSDAP turned to an American company, Twentieth Century Fox.“

Scholar William G. Chrystal confirms this account and provides further important details in his 1975 article on “Nazi Party Election Films, 1927-1938.” Chrystal writes: “Support for two additional 1932 election films, Der Führer (The Leader), and Hitlers Kampf um Deutschland (Hitler’s Struggle for Germany) came from the German-based subsidiary of Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Tönende Wochenschau (Fox Weekly Sound Newsreel [i.e., Fox Movietone News]). In addition, they also supplied some mobile sound film vans to be used during the campaign. Thus at least part of Hitler’s support in that critical time was the result of Fox’s help. The background for this assistance is unknown since Fox Tönende Wochenschau records were destroyed during the war,” according to a July 9, 1974 letter to Chrystal from Joseph Bellfort, who was at that time the vice president of the Twentieth Century Fox International Film Corporation.

You might have thought that Fox News should have learned their history lessons by now.

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Sarah Palin and Violence

By Kathleen

Sarah Palin has a problem and her problem is with anyone who does not believe in her small town view of an America in which God’s Law is paramount. As she sees it, unless the rest of America falls in line with her view, then they are non-believers and haters who must be stood up against. So deep-set is her belief that she consistently runs with the narrative that because people hate her then she must be a victim. A victim persecuted for her love of a God who will soon reveal his mighty power to all of us. Sarah believes that that judgment day is near as we are living in the “End Times” and she is preparing herself for the battle to come. I don’t have a problem with this. Sarah’s religious views belong to her. Do I think that her views are unreasonable? Yes, I do. But that is my personal opinion and she is more than welcome to take care of her own spiritual soul. I’m comfortable with mine.

However, my concern regarding Sarah is a much more elementary one because she has another shield and it is one which she wields very effectively. She’s not just on a mission for God. She’s on a mission to save America from “big government” and it is the political weapons that she has chosen which most concern me. Fundamentally, Sarah’s supporters see her as a martyr preparing to set herself against a system of “big government” which has lost its way. She has armed herself with language. A language of division, fear and resentment, couched in frustration and one that essentially promotes violence – violence that is on the verge of escalation without reason and which is very close to spilling over into becoming physical, as reported by The Redoubt Reporter:

Jenny Neyman / Redoubt Reporter
Michigan Militia founder Norm Olson, left, and master of ceremonies Bob Bird, both of Nikiski, at last week’s Second Amendment/Constitutional Task Force rally in Kenai.

A recent meeting in Kenai, Alaska of the Second Amendment Constitutional Task Force began in a friendly enough manner but soon disintegrated into bitterness and inflammatory rhetoric when Schaeffer Cox, of Fairbanks, announced that “something horrible was going on” as he implied that America was presently run by a tyrant. He went on to say:

“My greatest fear is that they’re not going to hear us until we speak to them in their language, which is force,” Cox said. “… We would be doing a wrong, bad thing if we skipped over all those other forms of force and we jumped right to bloody force, but right now, America is headed to bloody force. If we sit on our hands until it hits the fan and it’s go time, we won’t be able to exercise that warlike force with a clear conscience. So we need to be very faithful with what’s at hand right now.” And:

“I am not opposed to violent, bloody force. I know that is hard to say to a big group of people. It sounds kind of bad but that is something that we’ve got to reckon with. That is a duty that we have as an individual, as people who have families and friends.”

I watched Sarah last night on the Glenn Beck show as she followed Beck’s call and denounced the use of physical violence whilst at the same time dropping in her code words of fear, desperation and unheard voices.

Furthermore, in the interview, Sarah reveals to a shocked somewhat bemused Glenn that “she doesn’t pretend to be a believer in everything that she reads in the media. Not in the ADN or other aspects of the mainstream/lamestream media.” She continues to say, “I won’t pretend that everything is taken in context.” She’s read enough “to know that violence isn’t the answer but that there is legitimate frustration with Government today” and thinks that “those who assembled at that meeting in Kenai, what they were saying is that there is some desperation out there in society and citizens want to know what they can do to have their voices heard. Violence is not the answer though.”

It’s good to know that Sarah believes that “violence is not the answer”. What I’d like to know is can we now expect to see a change in Sarahs’ violence contaminated rhetoric? Or is she still going to employ the media to inveigh America with her particular brand of shrill and divisive discourse which is designed to limit rational discussion? I watched Sarah closely during this particular interview and I do not believe that we will see any drastic change in her message. You can see it in her manner and in her cold eyes. You can hear it in her venomous responses to Glenn. She understands their violent nature and fears because she is one of them.

Further reading on ADN

(Please read the previous post and help if you can. Thank you)


"Real Americans": From Neal Horsley to Sarah Palin

Fox News show about “Real Americans” is making good progress. They have a lot of videos already, which you can watch online on the show’s slick website. I explored the site carefully, went through every page looking for photos or footage of our very own Sarah Palin.

“Real Americans” from Dallas were very enthusiastic about Sarah’s new gig:

Do you have a real life American story to share? Here’s the scoop as per Fox News: Sarah Palin will host “Real American Stories,” a series exploring inspirational real-life tales of overcoming adversity throughout the American landscape that will debut in 2010.

Who better to shine a spotlight on the problems ordinary American’s have than Sarah? The reach such a program would generate would be unequaled because Sarah Palin is the hottest media magnet to hit broadcast recently.

(Apostrophes are pesky little things, aren’t they?)

The website is well advanced, as explained above, and there is no mention of Sarah Palin at all. Did Fox News insert Sarah into the whole thing because it fits in with her campaign rhetoric? She had to apologize for some of her remarks back then.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin apologized yesterday for implying that some parts of the country are more American than others, even as similar comments by two Republican congressmen were causing a backlash that threatened their chances for reelection.

Since losing the election, Sarah Palin has extended her divisiveness to all parts of the country, without much of a backlash. I hope she will have to apologize to all “unreal” Americans one day.

A fan of Sarah Palin attended the recording of her first appearance on the show.

But the highlight of my day was going to the taping of Sarah Palin’s brand new show called Real American Stories. And this was the debut show…we were the very first audience.

We haven’t seen any footage of Sarah’s performance, but considering her absence from the show’s website, it can’t amount to more than presenting the stories and doing voice overs.

But we have seen her animated performance on the Mystik ad (oops, Iditarod!). I wonder if Fox had a chance to watch it. They might wish to re-think Sarah’s inclusion in this project…

Left to her own devices, her performance is far from polished. Fox would have to direct Sarah Palin with an iron fist and do some heavy cutting and splicing to achieve any results. We’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, down in Georgia, a “Real American” who’s disillusioned with the state of the country wants to start a new “Real America”, based on principles our Sarah holds dear: God and a fanatical anti-abortion stance. To achieve his dreams, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill his own son. Like Sarah, Neal Horsley is fond of quoting the bible.

From Raw Story:

Asked again if he was willing to sacrifice his son, he was even more explicit, telling the interview to read the Bible’s Matthew 10.

“Your own family are going to be your greatest enemy because unless you love me more than you love your father, your son, your wife, your daughter, you’re not fit to be my disciple,” Horsley said. “That’s why there’s a real rift of estrangement in my family,” he says. “I contend this is really about people’s ability to believe in God. When it comes to that place, when your’re talking about God’s plan to protect himself, then the lives of people become, really, almost irrelevant… in the degree that they result in Him being glorified. That’s the nature of the truth.”

Mr Horsley was very fond of a mule in his youth and now he’s in a spot of bother with the law:

A man who posted a video on YouTube of himself calling for Elton John’s death has been arrested in the United States for allegedly making terror threats.

Atlanta Police Sergeant Curtis Davenport said Neal Horsley was arrested in Carrollton, Georgia, about 50 miles west of Atlanta, Georgia.

Elton John made a remark about Jesus Christ’s sexuality and Mr Horsley didn’t like it.

“I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems,” he told Parade. “On the cross, he forgave the people who crucified him. Jesus wanted us to be loving and forgiving. I don’t know what makes people so cruel.

Neal Horsley had no choice but go a bit crazy over a statement like Elton John’s, who’s not even American, real or otherwise!

It’s very sad to see a country divided between who’s real who’s not. The American electorate, far from being unreal, chose a man who, in the eyes of people like Neal Horsley, Sarah Palin and her followers, is not “Real American” enough to represent the whole country.

The majority of Americans decided to put their faith in a man who understands their very real worries over some life and death situations, such as heath care. Their worries and their hopes are real.

To the brand of “Real Americans” that relish the idea of a divided country, perhaps the solution lies in the words Sarah Palin paraded during her vacation in Hawaii:

“If you don’t love America, then why don’t you get the hell out”


Same old Sarah Palin – UPDATE!

Sarah Palin discussed the health care summit with Sean Hannity. I’ll quote just a couple of passages because the whole thing is much too painful.

PALIN: I think some of the details that we didn’t hear a whole lot about coming from the president and the bill that he is supportive of had to do with like price controls, which of course will manipulate and distort America’s traditionally free market way of doing business in our economy.

The health insurance companies have been making an obscene amount of money from American people through higher and higher premiums and rationing of health care.

HANNITY: All right, last question. Net winners, net losers. Did the president hurt himself today? Did the Republicans help themselves today in terms of public perception?

PALIN: The Republicans helped themselves, absolutely. They got to talk about the patient-centered, free market oriented solutions to health care reform that is needed. We do need to reform much of our health care that we have in America. But they were able to articulate that, whereas the Democrats, the president, it was just more of the same old, same old. It was a whole lot of lecturing again.

Same old, same old? I beg your pardon, Sarah Palin. You are the one who wants more of the same old, same old. You want health care reform based on free market, without any interference from the government. Do you call that reform? That’s been the status quo for years and years. It’s not patient-centered, it’s big corporation-centered and your “reform” doesn’t change that one little bit.

Please… sit-down-and-shut-up!

If you have the stomach to watch it, here are the links: PART I and PART II.

UPDATE (by Patrick):
Oh, I have a feeling that you won’t like that very much:
After her appearance on the Hannity TV-show, Sarah also was a guest on the Hannity radio show. It seems that Hannity simply cannot get enough of her. Anyway, at the beginning of the conversation, Sean Hannity plays a short audio clip of President Obama, who reminds John McCain at the healthcare summit that the campaign and the election “are over”, in response to a critical remark by John McCain.
Sean Hannity then mentions that this remark by Obama was “insulting” and thus paves the way for Sarah “Wasilli Vanilli” Palin, who is outraged – what else? She explains that she and Todd “both saw this part” and they “both” said: “How arrogant of our President” and a moment later she adds that the criticizm “is not boding well for our President’s character” and that John McCain has sacrificed more for our country than our President has”.
This woman seriously messes up my English! Please let us know in the comments if you understood these sentences differently.
Apparently John McCain is off-limits to political attacks now because he is an American war-hero, according to Sarah Palin.
But you can criticize the character of the President, of course (unless he is a war-hero, I guess, because then he is automatically “off limits” and oppositon also won’t be needed any more).
See in the clip from 2:05:

I think that the Republicans should from now on exclusively “recruit” war-vetereans and put them into congress. Then it will be impossible for them in future to be criticized by Democrats. Sounds like a safe plan.
It’s a pity that Sarah didn’t think about her self-proclaimed standards in this respect when she called John Kerry in “Going Rogue” an “elitist loon”.
In the clip with Hannity, earlier from 1:47, Sarah Palin also has the temerity the promote “free-market solutions for healthcare” – despite of the fact that her grandson Tripp receives Government healthcare for natives in Alaska.
Sarah, let me ask you: Your children, what kind of healthcare do THEY receive? Because I have a feeling that Bristol, Willow, Piper, Track and Trig might as well enjoy the free Alaskan Government healthcare for natives.

Come on, Sarah, don’t be shy!