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Palingates Weekly Roundup – December 27, 2010 to January 2, 2011

By Blueberry Tart

We had a blissfully Sarah-less week, without any Tweets, Facebook rants, tabloid announcements or whatnot!

We know that Leadfoot_LA is a professional publicist and writer when not sharing her writing charms with Palingates. Sarah cut tress, had a dig at the “Treehuggers,” tried to correct her refudiate gaffe and the selected Palin child for quality-time-with-mom was Willow. But really, it does little good to summarize this three-generations-of-opinion roundup of this episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” seen through the eyes of Leadfoot_LA, her daughter Bella, and featuring Bella’s grandfather, “Papahio” (so named by Bella because he lives in Ohio). You just have to READ it — and it’s SO much more entertaining than watching the program.

On many political issues, Leadfoot_LA and her dad have simply agreed to disagree, and I find it a miracle of three-cornered respect for these family members to sit down and …. well, say what they think.

[note by Regina: This summary was written by Mrs TBB for last weeks’ roundup, but it belonged to this week’s, so here it is…]

Regina revealed some tricks of the TV/film trade, creating the illusion of reality, but everything is staged. “…The whole narrative is dishonest. This series was put together to show Sarah’s version of reality. She wanted to show that there aren’t any challenges she won’t embrace…She…protect[ed] Kate Gosselin and her brood because she’s a sharp shooter… She created a tale of hunting in a remote spot, where only one person could be transported on the plane at any one time. The crew with all their paraphernalia must have teleported to that spot, yes? Willow’s boyfriend “sneaked” upstairs, past the whole crew, because he was told to do it. Willow smashed Piper face into the cake because… she was told to do just that… Regina also clarified how comments are handled at Palingates – freedom of speech is alive and well in this corner of the internet.

The Year in Review. Major stories: Haiti. Game Change and Steve Schmidt interviews. Andrea Friedman. Health insurance reform. Kernell trial and both Palins’ perjury. Fencegate. Palin’s ties to right wing extremism and the Koch Brothers influence; parallels to the rise of Nazism. The Palins’ bullying, vindictiveness and their children’s out-of-control behavior and foul mouths. Vanity Fair article. The election and Palin’s failed nutcase candidates. Palin’s media overexposure; more people like her less. Babygate. And much more…This is why Palingates is the 2010 Bloggers Choice Best Political Blog!!

I particularly enjoyed reading Patrick’s “end of year musings,” and so you’ll see some of them again in “The Last Word,” below.

This post reminds us of Palin’s narcissism, which is at the root of her exploitation of her own children for political gain. Patrick then gives us a sobering picture of the roots of today’s manipulation of the news. None other than propaganda master Joseph Goebbels established the model by frequently using his own family in newsreel footage aired during the Third Reich. Goebbels was also the master of the “Big Lie” and his lessons about how easily people are duped by a breathtakingly brazen lie are in full operation today by the right wing, as Alternet’s recent post highlighted. Kathleen found a report showing that Fox News’ corporate ancestor, Twentieth Century Fox Films, was involved in making some of the most important Nazi propaganda films.

On a happier note, Patrick also reported the remarkable page view/visitor statistics that Palingates earned in 2010. Wowser!

Comments of the Week

Maelewis: …as someone in Alaska might write: pabulous porum por fosting imfortant and punny foints op view. I’m always bepuddled by those letters. Signed, Sarah Falin).

Ivyfree: I keep wondering: why another delay on the emails? Face it, if they were innocent emails there’s no reason to delay on them…

TruGal: Regina…after reading your post, I can only say I love Palingates even MORE than before (how is that even possible?) One of the reasons is because of ALL the blogs I check every day, the comments on this one are just so SMART. That makes a difference. I really believe many mainstream journalists check in here often, because your research is remarkable, and I just hope you and Patrick and Kathleen know how much you’re all appreciated. Keep up the great work!

Mocha: What is the fascination with these staged “reality” shows? I loathe them.

Juicy76 found this quote from Kathy Griffin: “But I do enjoy watching Sarah Palin’s interviews because they have so much thinly-veiled contempt. She’s so easy to see through, which makes her such a great target for my act.”

DebinWI: I think the show finally pointed out to a lot of uninformed people that she isn’t the sweet, church-going mother of 5… Not at all. Her show cast her as shallow, highly vindictive…and self-centered. It also highlights her lack of parenting skills…

Aview999 found this on WaPo: From Fred Hyatt: “Is Elmo a Kenyan, too? Or maybe a Socialist? He is awfully red, after all. I ask because the Sesame Street puppet recently visited the White House to support “Let’s Move,” first lady Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity. And that campaign has become, in one of the more striking political stories of the past year, the latest battleground in the left-right culture wars.

Laprofesora: I’ve been wondering about the negative comments directed at $P by conservatives, and thinking there may be some behind the scenes maneuvering. I’m wondering if someone hasn’t contacted her to say, “These comments are just a small preview of what you’ll face if you choose to run. We have a lot more and a lot worse and if you run you won’t know what hit you.” Not that it would stop her anyway.

Fromthediagonal: May God, whoever She may be, protect the rest of us from fanatics of all stripes…

Here’s a round of applause and ((())) to nycgirl, A Fan from Chicago, mmboucher and others who are beating the smoking habit. Austintxx, dusty17 and curioser11, c’mon, you can do it; we’ll help!

Nefer: I also think Sarah simply has to have someone around to deflect criticism. It is a defense so automatic for her, she doesn’t even have to think about it…the presence of a child diverts people’s attention (which means they’re not paying close attention to what Sarah says or does). What she says or does, then, is less likely to be criticized…

465janedoeseeker: Having her young children around instantly places the intellectual level of the conversation at a much lower level. At an unconscious level, the interviewer and audience automatically expect much less of Sarah: she is given ‘slack’ without even having to ask for it. They were also shields and deflections against any accusations or suggestions of dishonesty/wrongdoing…

Peacepax: The paragraph below tells us that every body knows damn well that Tripp is not Bristols first pregnancy. Of course there was no ban on them dating when pregnant with Tripp. They were engaged to be married, for God sake. When Bristol became pregnant with Tripp in April, 2008, school was out for the summer before she could have even known for sure she was pregnant. She was not working in any coffee shops, and going to school when pregnant with Tripp. Every body knows, but pretends they don’t. What has happened to America? Does everybody want a Fascist Government? Sure seems like it.

“While Bristol was pregnant last year, she was living in Anchorage with her aunt and uncle, Heather and Kurt Bruce, and working at two espresso shops – while also attending West High School. Levi was 40 miles away in Wasilla, but, “there was certainly no ban on them dating,” reports Trailblazer. “Levi used to drive to Anchorage to take Bristol out.”

Aview999, maelewis, Amy1 and others commented on Mat-Su, CBJ and the pregnancy hoax; info on how to file complaints is included in mae’s comment; she also linked to the PG post which covers this topic.

Nycgirl, mmboucher, Jack Slater, cheeriogirl, yknott and others had a live-blogging party Thursday night with Sarah on Hannity. Lots of excellent snark.

Maelewis: When Sarah talks about Mama Grizzlies, she calls them commonsense constitutional conservatives. I don’t understand what that means. The Constitution is not a document that was drafted as “common sense.” It was the work of scholars and political philosophers who wrestled with establishing a government that would work, one which would not repeat the mistakes (some of the mistakes) of the British system that they fought against, while embracing the elements of the British system which honored the rights of men. (I’m thinking of the Magna Carta, for example.)

KatieAnnieOakley had an excellent long post; here is the beginning: … I thought this show wasn’t supposed to be political in nature, but was to be showcasing the great state of Alaska. Guess not. Every. Single. Week. there is a political dig, a “dog-whistle” for the Conservative Right’s benefit. Which, of course, everyone is picking up on, it’s so blatant and transparent. And it is diminishing Palin’s Brand right before everyone eyes but the most die-hard of her followers. Her brassy, harpy, critical, cutting tomes are blatantly obvious.

Leu2500 (on Bristol’s upcoming speaking gig on abstinence at LoveFest): Bristol’s talking about the wrong stuff. The break-out session on bullying seems more her area of expertise.

Maelewis, missharleyquin, mxm and others poked holes in Sarah’s fable about Track staying in Eye-Rack an extra month because he gave up his seat to someone who had an emergency at home.

Rocky in Texas said…[re Palin and Miller] Neither one of them have a clue when it comes to…Knowing when to fold em, or…Knowing when to hold em.

Sunnyjane: Sarah Palin would crawl naked down Constitution Avenue before she showed birth certificates or agreed to DNA tests. [BBT: sounds like a tweet.]

Psalm73 summarized a few points from an article by Charles Thompson on
Pathological liars are usually very congenial toward others though they may engage in “back-stabbing” behavior in order to get ahead in life. They lie without regard for other people’s needs or feelings, many times sacrificing their friends and families…Most PLs have a narcissistic attitude…will lie even when the lies are transparent, will stick to their lies even when they are confronted with evidence of their treachery…PLs have detrimental effects not only on their own immediate circle of family, friends and colleagues, but on anyone whom they come into contact. They are more likely to blame someone else for a situation than to take responsibility…

BanditBasheert: The pathological lying that Palin does is yet one more facet to her mental illness cascade. She is first and foremost a Sociopath. She has a trait for Narcissism. She is rabidly paranoid which also fits as a category in the sociopathic litany. She is a pathologic liar – she lies unnecessarily. This also fits with the Sociopathy. Later: She lies to lie. She lies because she can. She lies because media like TLC allow her to lie and don’t call her on it.

Voiceinwind: …using a baby with a disability to deceive the American public for political and monetary gain is the worst of all gates, IMHO.

Sari737: Paylin is such an angry person and has shown the world how small and petty she is that it would be hard for anyone to believe her if she suddenly became that jovial, optimistic candidate. She has a negative persona that her small base loves and that persona is going to be part of her downfall.

Gio had several interesting comments on the Nate Silver article Saturday; here are snippets: …Sarah won’t hire a proper staff because she is too paranoid to do so… couldn’t handle the pressure and critiquing that comes with the involvement of political professionals. Sarah doesn’t possess self-control or astute judgement when it comes to picking her battles and her use of new media… The [Republicans] know they’re screwed because they thought she was their rock star, the one who could spearhead a massive popular uprising against the Dems. Sorry, wrong choice…

Others pointed out that Silver has proven to be a skilled analyst of political data/trends and is not taking sides.

Jack Slater (quoting a friend posting on SPAK site): “I’ve made a resolution to pay more attention to pseudo-political figures trying to appear like they can relate to everyday people. I have very good friends who have lived in Alaska since the late 1960s, and Sarah Palin’s Alaska does not represent typical life for the normal folks of Alaska. She is using the show as a vehicle to communicate certain themes about herself. She also manages, in each episode to directly or implicitly criticize a person or a group who opposes her. To point out each and every instance of phoniness, clumsy attempt at reality, and self aggrandizing statements would be like counting the stars. No thanks.”

louiecypher: …Here’s hoping 2011 is the end of letters to Sarah!

Madam Deal picked this up from HuffPo: ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ wins Golden Globe for Best Musical/Comedy A middle aged mother woman of 20/half-term governor who runs around Alaska with her kids, shooting caribou and beating fish. There’s nothing funnier on TV. It’s a comedy, right? Good lord, please say yes.

Cheeriogirl and sickntiredofpalin are looking into a Michael Smith from ND with oil & gas industry connections; it’s unknown yet whether this is the same guy whose house Bristol bought. He is affiliated with Paladin Resources (oil & gas brokers).

Silver_desert: …we seem to have recognized from the beginning that Sarah Palin is not the mother she claims to be or pretends to be and her actions demonstrate it time and again. I wonder if her mental illness prevents her from recognizing this and she truly believes she’s a good mother or does she try to compensate with lies, knowing she’s failed? Right now she may be suffering a depression (which often happens after a long manic run), or she may have momentarily retreated, only to reload with more lies and venom. One thing is for sure, her vindictive personality is not going to change.

Links of the Week

Regina posted the holiday recipes (and a few more on Sunday), with h/t to sleuth and others who provided/collected the recipes. More to come!

And Regina got this into the Urban Dictionary (I couldn’t stop laughing!). Don’t forget to give it the thumbs up.

Aview999 linked to Sullivan; here is a snippet: “This is a dirty tactic repeatedly employed by Ms. Palin. She invents fictional versions of people she wishes to ridicule and goes on the attack apropos of nothing. She must spend all her time dreaming up fictional people to throw to the wolves, satisfying the insatiable conservative hunger for hated enemies.”

Aview also linked to politicususa on the new political calculus and found this interesting article on “Groupthink.”

McNett found this interesting story about Haitian brothers who are doing a documentary about the spirit and resilience of Haitians rebuilding their lives after the earthquake.

Amy1 linked to the NYT; here is the opening paragraph: IT was a year in which the daughter of one president was married in a largely private ceremony on a gorgeous summer day and one in which the daughter of a possible future president went on a prime-time dance show to give “a big middle finger to all the people out there that hate my mom and hate me.”

Dusty17 found this uplifting video on President Obama; others posted it too.

Honestyingov linked to Daily Kos on GOP using PACs to evade campaign finance laws and to WaPo (with H/T to Kim Chatman): Is Sarah Palin toast?

HIG also found this excellent article on alternet on The Big Lie; here is a snippet: “In essence, Breitbart’s Big Lie was of a particular sort: those designed to prove that one’s opponent is guilty of the same sin of which your side stands accused.” The article specifically calls out the Koch Brothers, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart

Congrats to our fellow blogger and reader Floyd Orr, whose new book was just published; here is a link.

Buffalogal: Is Palin’s run already done for?

Annes_123 linked to Nate Silver in the NYT.

Juicyfruityy found this on politcususa.

Austintxx linked to Daily Kos on GOP distancing themselves from Palin’s latest idiocy.

Tweets of the Week

Honestyingov: #SarahPalin is Presidential Like #Nixon. He had the “Water-Gate”, She had the “Water-Break” in TX. Details @palingates. BOTH Made-up stories

To which 465janedoeseeker replied: Both were dishonest, and both were quitters.

Another from HIG: @AlterNet : A gigantic lie is more likely 2 be believed by the masses/than small 1.>

BellPeppery: @SarahPalinUSA Breitbart has nothing but fake journalism, the “smoking gun” about your fake pregnancy is at Palingates

ProChoiceGrandma: Steve King: Pander to pro-life, pander to pro-gun, pander to Tea Party = Pander Bear. via @huffingtonpost #GOPlies #p2
#2011wish: Pls let @palingates blow American journalists out of the water with Palin newsbombs.

@sarahpalinusa: Better stock up on Bailey’s because Palingates will make sure you take a long holiday to the Island of Obscurity in 2011.
@sarahpalinusa: Happy 2011, Sarah. You’ll hate waking up every morning of this year, because Palingates will be exposing more of your lies.

HIG also retweeted David Frum: Krauthammer: “No Chance” Palin Can Win in 2012 #tcot

And found this from O’toolefan: ” Palin 2012 10,000 Mayans Can’t Be Wrong”

The Last Word

Patrick: 2010 was an unforgettable year… Palingates developed into something special, something unique – a hard-hitting investigative blog with a great community. So I had the feeling that we were on a “mission.” We all together wanted to prove that the “boundaries” of the internet haven’t been fully explored yet. Citizens can have a much stronger voice on the internet than many would believe – provided these citizens are willing to invest a lot of work and are determined and sometimes daring…

… The “community concept” of Palingates proved to be a smashing success. We managed to motivate our readers and they were willing to help us, often even without us asking for anything. I do hope that many, many blogs will follow this example in the future and will establish similar online communities in order to work for common goals.

Finally, a big thank you to all our guest posters, our tireless researchers in the background, commentators, donors and other readers. We have a very special community here on Palingates, and you can all betcha that 2011 will be even more exciting than 2010!



Palingates Weekly Roundup – December 20 to December 25

Briefly guest-posted by Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

For lo, the Palingaters are still rejoicing, as Christmas came a couple of days early when Palingates won the 2010 Bloggers’ Choice Award for Best Political Blog!

Pragmatic Kathleen points out, “Start voting now for 2011!”

Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Episode 6 – A reader’s review

Another great review of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the internet people thank Leadfoot and Bella. Sarah and family went camping in a huge RV, rode ATVs, did some rafting, then Sarah decided to have some “quality” time with Piper, so they went for a spot of waitressing and to play with some puppies. Bella noticed that the Palins don’t believe in seatbelts. There was the usual dig at someone, this time directed at Michelle Obama and her anti-obesity campaign. One interesting gem from this episode was Sarah’s remark regarding her children’s mistakes. She said she “feels sorry for some of her kids because their mistakes are played out on the front page of the National Enquirer which really SUCKS for them.” Very revealing…

Sarah Palin Breaks the Law, and Has No Common Sense
Guest Post by JoeChristmas [M.D.]

JoeChristmas, who’s an emergency-room physician, expanded a comment in a previous thread into a powerful guest post..

“Rule #1 of emergency medicine–Human beings do not make good projectiles,” says Joe. The TLC series “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” captures on film ANOTHER form of Palin family hypocrisy: Piper and Trig are riding in a recreational vehicle and in a car, without wearing a seat belt (Piper) or restrained in a car seat (Trig). maelewis researched and posted the Alaska state laws on the use of child safety belts and seats in recreational vehicles, making it crystal-clear that the Palins put their children in danger and broke the law by allowing them to wander unrestrained in an RV. In fact, the very law the Palins broke, S. B. 72, is one that Sarah Palin signed into law as governor before she quit. At the suggestion of BlueberryTart, a screen shot shows Piper riding in the back seat of a car, clearly unbelted.

Joe reminds us of another woman–arguably the most famous woman in the world at the time of her death–who might have survived a fatal crash had she been wearing a seat belt. Her name was Princess Diana.

That tragedy took place in 1997. More than a decade later, why does Sarah Palin not observe the law she passed? “As far as I am concerned she has been caught red handed,” noted Dr. Joe. “But it’s not the first time. Fellow reader, mxm, pulled this little excerpt from the Washington Post (September 7, 2008):

“‘WASILLA, Alaska — One Friday in June, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin joined the chief of the state prison system on a tour of the Point MacKenzie Correctional Farm, a 90-minute drive north of Anchorage. It was a routine visit but for the presence of the governor’s infant son, Trig.
‘Palin held her baby in her arms as the warden drove a short distance around the facility, said corrections director Joe Schmidt, who sat next to Palin. A few days later, the governor got a warning from her public safety commissioner that someone had complained that she did not strap Trig into a car seat for the ride.
‘Palin dismissed the complaint as petty, and the commissioner, whom she appointed, took no formal action. But the incident shows the degree to which family and politics are bound together in Palin’s career.'”

“So that will be her excuse: it’s petty. Well…it’s NOT petty, or trivial, or draconian, or unreasonable. This is a subject that I know something about.

“I have worked as an emergency medicine physician for almost 25 years now — mostly at Level 1 trauma centers. I have watched the seat belt issue progress, yes progress, over the span of my career. When I started out as an intern in a busy trauma center in Pittsburgh, there was no seat belt law in Pennsylvania. Roughly, 30% of drivers wore their seat belts at that time. Nightly, grimly, we would see devastating head and neck injuries as the result of motor vehicle accidents. Now, as the result of seat belt laws, and the remarkable, transformative acceptance of this simple habit, I rarely see head or neck injuries as the results of car accidents. Where I live in Virginia, upwards of 96% of drivers are restrained. Now, I take care of people, several times a day, who will be stiff and sore for a few days, but, importantly and humanely, they walk out of the ER. SEAT BELTS SAVE HEADS, NECKS AND LIVES.”

Well, I can’t add anything to that.

White Christmas in Germany–Very White

“Kathleen and I are spending Christmas with my parents at their home in North Germany,” writes Patrick, “and somebody has obviously been dreaming about a white Christmas, because Germany is covered under a huge blanket of snow, and it’s especially ‘bad’ in North Germany right now. Well, it’s a huge joy for the children, that’s for sure. It feels a bit like being in Alaska, just without the mountains and the wildlife. Speaking about Alaska: We don’t plan to publish posts during Christmas about our usual “object of desire”, which means: Palin-free time for the next days! 🙂

“I am sure that the queen of mean will find some cunning ways to push herself into the headlines again very soon, so we will certainly not run out of material after Christmas until New Years Eve. After all, she doesn’t cope very well with not being the center of attention.”

Patrick knows $P pretty well, don’t you think? After signing off with some gorgeous photographs of the traditional architecture banked with snow, and even a soundtrack of German carols, we Palingaters elsewhere on this funny blue marble we call home heeded the admonishments. The comments were full of good wishes, sharing memories, menus, visiting relatives, gift-opening rituals, and family traditions.

However, another Palin managed to edge into the headlines over the holidays. First off, the National Enquirer published an article about Bristol Palin’s new boyfriend AND her wish “to have a baby in 2011.” (CR46 deadpanned, “Perhaps in February or March 2011?”) And then there’s Bristol’s new house, a five-bedroom, two-bath home in Maricopa, Arizona, purchased for $172,000 in cash from someone who purchased it after foreclosure as an “investment.” The location is a bit of a head-scratcher, as the much-foreclosed-upon community is not convenient to upscale Arizona living, but IS convenient, to a garbage dump, a casino, and a prison. (BanditBasheert)

Will Bristol still be eligible for Native Health Services living away from her family of origin? CR46 thinks not: ” Native health services are very hard to get away from your tribe of origin. The system when placed was meant to keep us ‘on the reservation.’ Brisket will be out of luck as far as native healthcare services. No other tribe has to allow a member of a different tribe access and most ‘off reservation’ service providers will not accept Native Healthcare services as the payee. This ended up way off from where it was supposed to. But as an example I would have to travel from Texas to Minnesota to exercise my rights to Tribal healthcare. Most tribal services ( especially in SW and SE USA) are not very good to start with. Beyond basic shots I would never take a child to any Native Healthcare services or depend on them for care for my family. I didn’t when our kiddos were little and I wouldn’t now.”

Rumors have been circulating about whether Bristol would attend Arizona State University, about which commenter salad girl said, “I am a college counselor and have worked with hundreds of students with SAT prep, essays, college selection, etc. ASU is a college that anyone can get into. It is not selective. When I have a student with a low GPA and low SAT scores and no spark….ASU is the one college I know the student will get into (and the students I work with are out of state, from New Jersey). That is not to say that there aren’t intelligent good students at ASU, particularly in their honors program; however, it is a college known as a safety. Dull Bristol will be admitted as long as she can pay the tuition.” But for which state can Bristol claim residency?

Merry Christmas, Everyone! A Very Special Christmas Collection, and UPDATE from France

Patrick provided even more soundtrack for a Very Palingates Christmas, with tunes by Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, John Lennon, Tom Waits, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, and Louis Armstrong, while Regina’s photographs from France were complemented by the traditional song, “Mon Beau Sapin.”

Assorted comments and links

A ribbon-garlanded Palingates THANK YOU to poster Katanalori of, for an extensive write-up on Palingates and its win for Best Political Blog in the 2010 Blogger’s Choice Awards.

My first reaction, while watching last night’s show, was that if someone had never heard of Sarah Palin before, had never heard some of the ugly, divisive things she’s said, or had never seen her “cutesy” winks and smirks when putting down anyone with a progressive mind , she’d seem like some sort of wonder woman. This is revisionist “reality” programming at its finest. And yet, even to a Palin-virgin, anyone who hasn’t really paid attention to her over the last couple of years, I think her desperation comes through. She’s trying too hard to imprint the image of “Frontier Gal”, HER impression of what a feminist is, apparently. She goes out of her way to show how she tries everything, which is fine, except I think she believes she’s the ONLY woman in the world who tries everything, which is very insulting to the millions who do. I think she’s spent her life coming in second place, and has had to play up her “talents”. She’s a “jack of all trades, but master of none”. All of this would be insignificant except for one thing…she’s got the “Speaker’s Corner at Hyde Park” tied up, and she won’t step down voluntarily. As Fox news made her, it’s now going to be up to Fox to break her.

Sarah just sent out her Christmas card

Bristol sent hers yesterday
(repeated here in case you missed it)

And also too I sent out mine

A Fan From Chicago:
I think there is a lot of over-thinking going on about the AZ home purchase. Something is definitely odd about the choice of neighborhoods, the buyer, the method of payment, etc. And I don’t think we know what it is.

What I can’t imagine it is that it is a set up for Mrs. Palin to run for Kyl’s seat, be appointed by crazy Gov. Brewer to an unexpired McCain seat, Bristol with a political career, etc. Sarah Palin has no interest in being anything but “The One.” No way she wants to be one of 435 members of Congress. No way she wants to one of 100 Senators. Especially with no seniority.

Mrs. Palin is not a doer. She’s a wanna be. All evidence is that she doesn’t have the chops to do the hard work to make a difference and move up. I think any lines of inquiry/theory/speculation that whatever the hell is going on with the house purchase is laying the groundwork for a political career in Arizona is totally misguided.

It must have something to do with something (tax issues, hiding a pregnant kid, proximity to LA, stupid real estate ideas, some kind of a head fake, desire to move the hillybillies to an equally squalid part of a warm state) is just speculation.

Don’t fall for it. Keep focus on the things that are known.

Shut Up Barbie: The New Feminism of the Far Left

Jason Easley says: This is a powerful, profound, and excellent post.

For a family that places a high value on their security and secrecy, this Bristol Buys a House story, complete with address, price, and desire for college education is too much information. It’s a very well organized publicity campaign. But, what’s the point? One possibility is to distract us.

What were we talking about before we took off a couple of Palin-free days? Sarah failed to use a seat belt for Piper when Piper appeared in SPA, and Joe Christmas gave us a very serious account of what happens to unbuckled passengers. It was a violation of Alaska state law. Furthermore, the reality show showed us Trig dancing in the RV when he should have been secured in a car seat, another violation. Maximum fine of $50. isn’t much punishment. However, the former governor showcasing her state should be setting a good example. She bases her political qualifications on her family values, even bragging that she is a mama grizzly protecting her children. But, she didn’t protect her children in a moving vehicle.

Sarah may have also violated child labor laws. While Alaska has very generous tax write offs for film companies working and filming in the state, they do have a very serious list of industries in which minor children, 17 years and under, cannot work because of safety issues. Willow is 17 or younger, and when she appears on TV tonight, she is working, whether Sarah calls it a family outing or not. According to the Alaska Film Board, she is appearing in a film (video), and she is working. Minors, 17 years and younger are prohibited from working in the logging industry, and that’s exactly where they are going tonight.

Alaska also require forms to be filed for children working in the entertainment industry in Alaska, and their pay has to be set aside in a special account reserved for them, according to the Jackie Cougan Law. (He was the child star whose parents spent all of his earnings). I think that by the time we get to the Alaska records, VF will have filed the necessary papers (retroactively, if necessary). But it is worth a visit to the Alaska Department of Labor to see the industries in which prohibit minor children working, including commercial fishing. Sarah will have eight episodes which deserve to be rerun on TV, with a good lawyer keeping notes.

There isn’t going to be a very big fine, but the price that Sarah will pay is embarrassment and more bad publicity. The house in Maricopa is a publicity stunt, maybe meant to save face for Bristol who originally said that she wanted to have a baby in 2011, not a house in Arizona. Bristol is not capable of orchestrating this kind of publicity, but Sarah is, and she wants to appear to be deciding if she is running for president or not. She needs to divert attention from something, violations made during the filming of SPA? another gate?

Redwood Palinizer:
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my fellow Palingaters! I am sitting here in Redwood country waiting for my children to get up and rip into their presents and I am taking a little time for some quiet reflection. I just wanted to say that I am so grateful for this wonderful blog and for all of the folks who come here daily and write about their lives. I visit here every day and I have learned so much about every aspect of life from all of you. Believe it or not, I consider all of you my friends and I know it sounds silly but I do believe that I could come here anytime and my thoughts and ideas would be embraced and also, too, I would receive help if I needed it.

Two years ago this past June my most beloved father passed away and I lost my most treasured friend and confidant. I wasn’t sure I could navigate life without his love, support and wisdom. I struggled so terribly for the first few months, especially when in August of that same year I had to take my son away to his first year of college and leave him. It was so painful to lose Dad and then have my son away just a few months later.

To make a long story short, Palin was tapped to run with Mccain, I was outraged and I discovered Patrick and Regina through other blogs and then followed them here and the rest is history! Palingates has become my place of comfort and the place where I feel free to rant and let my feelings out and I am so, so happy to have you all!

I think my Dad would’ve liked it here, too!

This is my favorite passage from the Bible, even though it’s not part of the Christmas story, it’s about love, which is what Christmas is all about:

Corinthians 13 (New International Version, ©2010)

1 If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.

3 If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part,

10 but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears.

11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.

12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

To my friends at Palingates, I wish you the most magical and loving Christmas ever! Patrick, your photos are wonderful, and the music divine. Warmest holiday wishes to you, Kathleen, Regina, Peter, and families!

For some reason, I miss my mother very much this year, even though she’s been gone for 23 years. It occured to me the most cherished childhood memories I have of Christmas were because of her, and I’d like to share my thanks….

Mama, thank you for buying me that yellow metal Tonka Toy dumptruck, even though I was a girl. Yes, I was a tomboy, and went on to learn to fly planes and do other “guy things”, long before we were ‘supposed to’.

Thank you for letting me take a 50-cent chance every Friday night, as we walked past the mom-and-pop toy store, to try my luck with the “golden key” that just might open the giant treasure chest inside the store.

Remember that Christmas Eve when I was 7 years old? Yeah, I snuck out of my bedroom and spied you wrapping gifts from Santa. Hmm… you made eye contact with me for a brief 1/2 second. I ran back to my room, and you never, ever mentioned it.

Funny – every Christmas Eve as we were headed out to church, you suddenly remembered that you left your purse in the house. So, I waited in the car for what seemed like a half-hour. Finally we drove off, leaving Grandma & Grandpa at home to “finish setting the table”. But oddly, Santa had always been for his visit while we were gone! There were piles of presents under our aluminum Christmas tree – the one that changed colors thanks to the rotating color wheel.

Thank you for the huge Raggedy Andy doll. He seemed three feet tall! I loved him, but wondered why his red yarn hair looked different than normal. You explained that all the good cotton that year was going to make uniforms for our brave soldiers in Vietnam.

I loved going to the giant Lutheran church every year to listen to Handel’s “Messiah”! You always made sure to bring along an extra pocket pack of Kleenex, because both of us were guaranteed to cry during the “Hallelujah” chorus.

Lastly, thank you for teaching me the Christmas message about how Jesus loved all of his little children, no matter their color or position in life. It gave me an aware mind for a lifetime of viewing the world with open eyes. Because of that, I was led to this wonderful home of Palingates, where like-minded people have gathered.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, and to all, a good night.

Hal Turner, Sean Insannity’s friend, gets 33 months in prison.

ProChoiceGrandma in reply to Wesinoregon
Good to hear that news! I hope the Palinbots will start to recognize that there are consequences to threats like Turner committed, but looking at the comments on that article, it appears they are all the more incensed. sigh Sometimes I wonder if the entire Republican Party has joined a militia. At least we know Teabaggers like Joe Miller are connected to militias.

IN HONOR OF MICHELLE OBAMA, we’ve been cooking healthy things for our luncheon tomorrow – (well, except the tamales) – my husband cooked baked apples, stuffed with mincemeat and poached in apple cider. We’re having squash casserole, homemade cranberry sauce, fresh pineapple/kiwi/strawberry salad, sliced ham with sourdough bread and fresh peach crisp from peaches I froze last summer.

LOVE YA, MICHELLE, Sp is a kook.

Everyone drive safely and WEAR THAT SEATBELT! And in honor of sP’s Alaska, my daughter and I are spending Sun. nite at a spa and getting pedicures and facials!!!

Palingates has been my favorite site/blog since near its inception, yet this is my first post.
The timeliness and quality of content at Palingates from all who participate is extraordinary; there is some very real wisdom here. Congratulations and thanks to Patrick, Regina, Kathleen, Leadfoot_LA & Bella and too all who regularly contribute. My morning, afternoon and evening would not be complete without a visit.

Cheers to all.

[In response to] Sondra [Tompkins]: Looks like you found another possible update. Piper is 9 years old NOW — birthday in March.. She is seen riding in the front seat of the car, with a seatbelt, in the second video of episode 6.
Protect kids from air-bag injury by following these rules:

* Booster seats should be placed in the back seat. If you have no choice and must place it in the front (that is, if your car is a two-seater), push the passenger seat as far back as it will go.
* A law passed in 1995 allows car manufacturers to install a manual cut-off switch that temporarily disables a passenger-side air bag. As recommended by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, if you must place a child in a booster seat in the front seat and your car has this cut-off switch, disable the air bag for the duration of the ride. Be sure to switch the air bag back on when you remove the booster seat.
* All kids 12 years old and younger should always ride in the back seat, and in the middle of the back seat whenever possible. All passengers must have their seatbelts buckled.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Palingaters!I was especially pleased that Santa gave the Palin Watchdog Team the honor of “Best Political Blog”, as the last winner had held that title for three years in a row. Quite an accomplishment. And I was also quite pleased to see that Santa left a coal in the sock of that “Misrepresentative agit-prop website that makes a cynical business out of spewing Palin’s twisted view of the American political landscape out into the blogoverse, under the guise of “valid journalism and news.”

…I’m doing a rib roast tomorrow with horseradish sauce and au jus on the side. Potatoes and spinach will also be served with the roast. Some crusty french bread and a good red wine will go with the dinner. We have cookies and candy, plus pumpkin and french silk pies. Already being naughty – we both had a slice of pie for breakfast – heaven!

…A toast to all here, wishing them the best wishes for this holiday season, whatever their beliefs system. I’m into the winter solstice, greenery tradition. Though I go to a xmas service at different churches every year. Sometimes St. Patricks in NYC, or other churches. This year an evening candlelight service at the Lutheran Reformed Church a few blocks from my home. My mother was a devout Greek Orthodox Catholic, who went to Roman Catholic churches. I go, in her memory, and because I find the service beautiful. I wish all of you my warmest regards.

Maricopa is in Pinal County. If you shuffle the letters around P i n a l also spells Palin. Maybe they think it’s destiny? You probably remember the sheriff of Pinal County, Paul Babeu. He appeared in the “build the dang fence” ad with McCain. The telegenic Sheriff Babeu is thought to have ambitions for higher office himself. Pinal is not a border county, but the sheriff injected himself into the border/SB1070 debate after one of his deputies was shot…

Dropping in again, after I finished cleaning and made banana pudding. : ) I am just so southern, you all, but it’s for my granddaughter, actually.

Seems to me this isn’t about Bristle at all–it’s about you know who–as usual. She’s prepping for running for Prez. Much easier to do in AZ than from AK. We still don’t know for sure whether or not she’s bought a residence there yet–but it has to be near enough to BP; I suppose Ivy will be the live-in nanny for Tripp, and to keep an eye on BP. Remember, Van Flea Bag is in AZ, too, and he’s her best bud right now. She doesn’t pay him that retainer for nothing. Besides, Alaskans are probably just as sick and tired of her as we are, and there’s really nothing for her there, after she scored more cash with TLC. People know that she was just using AK for her own gain.

What does Twitler have to lose in running? Probably nothing. She would probably lose the nomination, but gain traction with her reactionary base and the teabaggers, increase her speaking fee, and go all out on another fund-raising drive for herself. I’m beginning to think we’ll never get rid of her.

P.S. She can’t run for anything in AK anymore, and after her Prez run, she’ll do the tour thing again, building up support for perhaps running for something in AZ, national, of course. Or she could fake it, like she fakes everything else.

Oh my …. you guys gotta see this!!

Hilarious Video from Media Matters as SP wins the “glenn beck excellence in misinforma­tion” award.

Hahhahahh!! This needs to go VIRAL!!

Real Alaskans Can’t Relate To Sarah Palin’s Super-Expensive Adventures on Her Show! Insider Reveals! Exclusive!
— Chloe Melas

Sarah spends thousands to go on her TLC adventures, but a local who’s known Sarah for years says that’s NOT typical Alaskan behavior!

Sarah Palin sets the bar high on her reality show — too high, actually. Mama Grizzly shows fans a beautiful and exciting side of her native Alaska each week on Sarah Palin’s Alaska, but it turns out her weekly adventures are anything but typical! spoke to a lieutenant at an Alaskan police department, who insists that no one in Alaska actually does the things America sees Sarah, Todd, Bristol and the family do every week!

“We all think the show is great and love watching it each week,” our source admits. “But these things she’s doing cost a lot of money. You don’t see people going up mountains, taking long fishing trips, and shooting caribou each week.”

In case you forgot, researched the cost of the Palin’s hunting trip, which resulted in one bagged caribou, and the grand total came out to $42,400! But it doesn’t stop there: Early on in the season, Sarah went on a two-day fishing trip , and then enjoyed a climbing expedition on Mt. McKinley which ran her a whopping $12,250! Almost all her weekly adventures have involved using bush planes to travel, which Sarah has said – ALL Alaskans do!

So while Sarah may boast regularly about the “real” Alaska, the Palin’s lifestyle as portrayed on her “reality” show is entertaining to her fellow Alaskans, but hardly relatable!

…and the Last Word(s)

* Today Mrsgunka and the Unsinkable Mrgunka are celebrating their fifty-first wedding anniversary! May there be many more!

* After her recent knee surgery, Cheeriogirl is back a-posting (“Palingates posters posting, eleventy Palins pouting, and a wedding ring thrown into Lake Lu-cilllle!”). We wish you a speedy recovery!

Palingates Weekly Roundup – December 13 to December 19 – UPDATE

Palingates - Best Political Blog 2010 - Blogger Choice Awards

We had great news this morning. Palingates has won the 2010 Blogger’s Choice Awards for Best Political Blog! Thank you to all Palingaters, this award belongs to this extraordinary community, dedicated to tireless teamwork.

I would also like to congratulate Bill Hess on the well deserved award for his delightful photography blog.

And finally, warmest congratulations to another blogging community on winning the award for Worst Blog of All Time. They won by a very wide margin and earned every single vote. Well done!


By Blueberry Tart

Alaskan Hospitality?

Leadfoot_LA and Bella have done it again – their post is so much more entertaining than the TV show they are reporting on! This is the Sarah-Kate Gosselin episode. Let’s see, where to begin? Piper has her hair streaked and bumpited (is that a word?) and cheats on her math homework, which Sarah willfully ignores. They plan to take Kate plus 8 camping and, to put Kate at ease, emphasize the threat of bears attacking them while camping. “Sarah tells Kate that the only true way to stay safe is to have a partner that is slower than you…” That sounds true to Sarah’s character. Chuck’s house is an animal mortuary; he seems most alive when surrounded by dead animals. The camping adventure is staged to make Kate as uncomfortable as possible – nice job showing off your version of Alaskan hospitality, Sarah! Hmm, now it’s Willow in the same outfit from the Homer teacher harassment episode. Bella chimes in every now and then with pearls of wisdom, showing much more maturity than either Sarah or Kate.

First Family (not!)

“Multi-tasker in Chief” Kathleen has an excellent guest post, if you can get past the Time portrait of Cruella de Palin, described so well by the Bard’s prescient words. OMG, have you ever seen anyone who looked icier and harsher than she does in that portrait? As yknott said, “This shows her true spirit. Hateful, vapid, empty and manipulative.” It gives me chills. Kathleen highlights another conservative, Charles Krauthammer, pointing out why Sarah would not be successful in her much-anticipated run for the Presidency. In a nutshell, he says she cannot attract those who are not part of her ideological base, and her lack of knowledge of policy, as pointed out in the Katie Couric interviews and elsewhere, remains a huge barrier for all but her fringe supporters. The bigger message is that more Republican pundits are saying out loud that she is not presidential material.

I’m sorry I’m not so hotty-totty

The emerging story of Sarah Palin, the “PR genius” as she’s been called, is that the more people know about her, the less they like her. Her favorable to unfavorable numbers show a steady decline in her appeal, and a steady increase in the number of people who view her unfavorably and would not vote for her under any circumstances. Patrick includes a summary table that is really devastating to anyone who thinks she is electable: she has by far the biggest negatives of any of the public figures evaluated. Can she turn it around? She is now making herself available to the “lamestream” media for more “softball” interviews. They never probe or ask tough questions. Just more of Palin creating her own narrative, smiling a lot and repeating the same old time-worn, tired, trite, trivial talking points. (Even O’Reilly asked tougher questions.) ABC/MSM: this is PR, not journalism.

Sarah Palin tongue
The tongue works full-time…

Kathleen’s post shows how Sarah Palin is trying desperately to reconstruct her personal narrative from “quitter” to “worker.” She is now enlisting the MSM, on her own terms of course, to help reshape her image. Kathleen points out that this is a “flip-flop” from her prior position that she would not engage with any MSM…Faux News, Fakebook and Twitter have served her so well (as we saw in the last post). This post also includes two (!) boots-on-the-ground reports from the book-signing in Anchorage, where those wanting her signature were “free” to remove their coats so that there would be no embarrassing moments with people wearing Palingates T-shirts (someone’s been reading Palingates…). Thanks, Sondra and the anonymous visitor! By evicting Gryphen and the “Worst Governor Ever” T-shirt wearer, Palin’s minions made sure that their messages and Palin’s antipathy toward freedom of speech would be seen/heard even more widely — good job, henchmen! To end on a positive note, try the wonderful recipes, with a special H/T to Heidi3!

Comments of the Week

Bandit Basheert: She looks without seeing, she touches without feeling, she views without caring. She is an empty soul…trying to present a facade – and she is an epic fail.

CaliGirl22: I wonder WHO owns the out takes? Now, that would make a show I may actually watch, since i would never watch her real fake show!

Igetit2: Well you see this is the way it works: when they are at home in the big comfortable house and need something to eat, they rent a plane and fly out into the wilderness to hunt and gather. But when they are out in the wilderness and need something to eat, they get it from the grocery store.

Caty zeitler: I have lived in rural Alaska for 20 years. When you live up here you get a lot of people who come to visit. You just do not treat guests that way. And if you’re going to take them somewhere remote and feed them, you have the decency to bring food they will eat. And something else that gets me if you are hosting and taking someone out in conditions they are not used to you make sure they are dressed properly.

Sick of Sarah: Sarah…Haiti has that SMALL GOVERNMENT you always preach about needing here. No clean water, no sewer system, few schools, no UNEMPLOYMENT checks, no social services, no earthquake proof building codes, no government medical care, limited police…

Vilca found this unbelievable quote from a Palinbot: “…I can envision a future hero or heroine of Haiti writing an autobiography someday with a vivid account of a lovely lady who came from America one day, and transformed and inspired a life in the immortal space of a few small, shining minutes…a smile, of truth made, and not feigned…a light in the eyes, of truth made, and not feigned…bottomless depths of soul–all, all of truth made, and not feigned. “

Moseyon noticed that Palin was wearing an earpiece in the interview with Franklin Graham – is this an audio feed with the answers to the questions she was being asked?

Gyalist noticed that the tassel in Sarah’s purported graduation photo is the wrong color for someone with her purported major; Palingaters are on the case… to be continued.

SirGuestalot: The only things missing from that [Time] photo are the 101 Dalmatians.

DarkEFang: If Sarah Palin’s entire public speaking career could be distilled into one sentence, it would be that: “They don’t know how to spoken.” Later: “Government Takeover of Healthcare” was named lie of the year by Sarah is going to be pissed. She spent so much time making up lies all year, just to be beaten by Frank Lutz. I have to say, I never expected to see the day that Palin loses a lying contest.

Adrian: In terms of being perceived as a viable leader, that [RNC] speech, when no one knew her, was when she peaked. It has only been ➘downhill➘ since then. It’s time to scrape her off of our national shoe. And then burn the shoe. And then bury ashes.

Kellygrrrl: Great minds talk about Ideas. Average minds talk about Events. Small minds talk about People. Stop and listen to what Sarah talks about 95% of the time

AKRNC had another conversation with insights from her Republican insider source (early Thursday); Malek and other Repub insiders are through with her, apparently. Later, AKRNC said: I am so sick of the media getting the blame for Palin’s failures, whether we’re talking about interviews, her standing among her constituents, etc…Palin is the one who has mishandled the media since the day the V.P. campaign began… she couldn’t handle it …whined and complained, lied about the things that were said and continues to do so to this day…Talking about the media treatment regarding Palin doesn’t take away from the fact that she doesn’t have a clue as to foreign and domestic policy or the first idea as to how to run our country…

Louiecypher had more good advice for Sarah: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

Maelewis: Many of us women have gone to school with a mean girl like Sarah. We see right through her. We also have worked too hard for too long to let THAT women be the first woman president, elected by celebrity and a certain sexiness instead of being qualified for office.

465janedoeseeker: What’s amazing to me is: how could ANYONE spend literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on spin doctors, image enhancers, coaches, speech writers, book writers, and PR people, only to see their ratings plummet???

Ocliberal: The thing that peeves me the most about Palin is how propped up she is. I can’t remember any politician ever getting the passes she gets… Why isn’t her college education (or lack of) examined? Why does her dismal record as mayor and governor never get any scrutiny? Why is her ridiculous ‘wild ride’ story just ignored? Why is she never, ever, ever held accountable by anyone? Without accountability why does she warrant any credibility? Why is she on anyone’s ‘fascinating’ person of the year list? She is a liar, a fraud, a fake and cipher. There is no there, there. In other words, why is this woman who has absolutely no credibility or credentials at all given any position of influence in our national discourse?

Sunnyjane: McCain was sure he had drawn an Ace in the poker game of politics. Unfortunately, he drew the Joker, and Palin is the price we’re still paying for it.

Original Lee dubbed her Potemkin Politician.

ProChoiceGrandma had an excellent comment on Sarah and Time’s Person of the Year (early Friday).

Suz1941: That is one scary looking photo of the “Ice Queen”. It does not look presidential – it looks evil to the core. It reminds me of looking in Dorian Gray’s mirror. Also, the picture looks defiant, hard – filled with a deep hatred as she looks out on everyone she would destroy if given the chance. Whoever took that picture captured her inner soul.

Psalm73: Seriously, there’s something wrong with a person who says government shouldn’t interfere in people’s lives, yet she is saying she wants to interfere in people’s lives, but it’s only ok for her to interfere in people’s lives…

Aview999 and LouieCypher got into some songs in honor of Sarah:

You’re A Mean One, Mrs. Palin
You really are a heel,
You’re as cuddly as a cactus, you’re as charming as an eel, Mrs. Palin,
You’re a bad banana with a greasy black peel! …

Louiecypher’s version of the 12 days of Christmas is not to be missed; here is part:

…On the eleventh day of Christmas Sarah sent to me
11 news pimp’s pimping

10 Rove a freaking

9 fakebook postings
8 op-ed pieces
7 tweeters tweeting
6 scandal’s brewing
5 Golden Gaffe’s…
4 Palinbot’s
3 books signings
2 Caribou gloves
And a photo op in Haiti
On the twelfth day of Christmas
Sarah sent to me
Oh hell she has probably quit by now
Love you Gater’s and you are left with the last line.
hope you have happy holidaze…

Aview999 (just part):

I won’t vote for her in a pinch,
I won’t vote for her v. the Grinch;
I don’t believe she’ll keep us free,
She’ll outlaw MSNBC.

Her speeches swirl with mindless sound
While turkeys die in the background…

So don’t persist in asking me,
I will not vote for Sarah P.

Emily Peacock: ‎”Speaking for God is the greatest sin of all.” — Amish saying

Annettek: She’s a new paradigm in American politics: an openly far right populist rabble-rouser who’s not a fringe figure, a celebrity who openly embraces her celebrity status, a “mean girl” who has absolutely no shame, and and shrewd operator who plays the media like a piano.

Wayofpeace quoted P.M. Carpenter: “…merely asking that question of such a whining political farce lends gratuitous credence to Her Preposterousness. Ms. Palin is a mass-entertainment creation and chief lunatic of the lunatic fringe and nothing else…

Ella_B: And what are those time tested truths private citizen Palin? Abstinence does not work, perhaps?

Mrsgunka: She’s like an old vinyl record that is stuck and plays the same thing over and over and over and over… nauseum!

Phyllos60: …Palin has some twisted idea that feminists (that is, women who don’t agree with her) do not work, are not independent, and want government to run their lives! Say what? Also, ‘they’ have no work ethic. Who the heck is Palin talking about?! It’s nonsense like these comments Palin needs to be called out on by media…

Links of the Week

Teutonic13 found this on Gawker: Henry E. Hudson, the federal judge in Virginia who just ruled health care reform unconstitutional, owns between $15,000 and $50,000 in a GOP political consulting firm that worked against health care. PCG had the link: [BBT: grrrr!]

Juicyfruityy and others linked to Christine Todd Whitman’s skewering of Palin

Sickntiredofpalin linked to Time on the brevity and lack of accomplishments of Palin’s Haiti trip. and sickntired and Juicy76 gave us these great gifts of laughter HERE and HERE

Quietone linked to Fox News footage with revealing SP body language (at 4:20).

Mxm contrasted Sarah’s body language with Michele Obama’s warm connections with Haitian children, shown here

Jack Slater has a great photo from Palin’s Haiti trip

Sunnyjane linked to alternet showing that Fox News misinforms people: “So the more you watch, the less you know.”

Cheeriogirl found a good piece by Malia Litman on Palin’s parenting, including Sarah-Todd’s advice on parenting and Madam Deal remembered a Palin rant that contradicts the TV spot

Sallyngarland,tx linked to an article on DraftSarahPalin

Carriesblank pointed out this TREMENDOUS piece by Matt Taibbi on Palin. “Not only is Sarah Palin a fraud, she’s the tawdriest, most half-assed fraud imaginable, 20 floors below the lowest common denominator, a character too dumb even for daytime TV.”[BBT: I had never seen it before; it is brilliant.]

Nicky in NY gave us a good chuckle

AnnaLynne found this on Palin’s Road back to nowhere

and later: it looks like Sarah will have to add Elmo to the enemies list

Rollingingraves linked to this fascinating article

Aview999: National Journal on Sarah guaranteeing Obama another 4 years and The Nation on the tax cuts

Ella highlighted this article from NYT on Palin’s inner circle and this excellent take down by technorati with this snippet: “This Haitian fiasco shows how unfit she really is to hold public office. The nation doesn’t need this sociopath in the White House.”

Honestyingov found some holiday cheer on lynnrockets

Juicyfruityy found the difference between pseudo-Christians and true Christians and this on Sarah’s vicious bigoted racism

Igetit2 linked to Lawrence O’Donnell on his support of a school desk project in Malawi and commented: I was so impressed that he did it right. Went and visited last August without any fuss, clearly did his research while he was there, partnered with a very legitimate organization, made sure that the project contributed to the local economy, then came back and used his platform to present a very specific need with a very specific way that people can help, focusing on the project rather than himself. In other words, his approach was everything that Sarah Palin’s trip to Haiti wasn’t.

Adrian and others linked to the Bill O’Reilly interview in which Palin added a few new words to the usual word salad with BS dressing, including “strategery,” “hotty-totty,” or was it “haughty-toighty” (with H/T to Juicy76 and cheeriogirl). Manic phase; many facial tics.

Sick of Sarah/wayofpeace linked to the always excellent flyinyoureye

Myrtille2 made our day with this from WaPo/ABC poll, showing 60% of Americans would not even consider voting for Palin. Yay!

Kellygrrrl linked to Andrew Sullivan on Neocons turning against Palin

DootDittyDoot has an impressive photo album; see it here

Maddie’s_Mom gave us this holiday gift

Many Palingaters celebrated, and several folks linked to Andrew Sullivan on the repeal of DADT!

Tweets of the Week

@HnstyNgov @SarahPalinusa, is “FAKE Annie Oakley” by @taylormarsh on @Huffpo. / @spalaska #tcot @C4palin @RAMansour @TLC

@HnstyNgov @andersoncooper, @SarahPalin, preaches FREEDOM, but shows 2 B thin-skinned, petty & VINDICTIVE #WGE,AGAIN! #p2

KatieAnnieOakley: IQ, decency, growth & experience have nothing to do w campaigns. It’s all about marketing. Even an idiot can run for prez – Like Palin.

Cheeriogirl found this one: “On tomorrow’s episode, Sarah Palin goes hunting for Lisa Murkowski.” H/T SteveWeinstein


@sarahpalinusa: No one is trying to destroy your children, you moron. You’ve done that quite successfully all by yourself.
@sarahpalinusa: You’re SUCH an independent woman! Is that why your daddy had to carry, load, and sight your big bad caribou-killing gun?

Myrtilla found this great cartoon:


The Last Word


WOO HOO!!!!! We just got our Christmas present!!!! We just got a call from the immigration attorney we hired! Our two young ladies (ages 18 and 19) from Haiti WILL be able to immigrate to the US. We will be sponsoring them completely! This is the best news ever! After so much red tape and so many calls and help from anyone we have ever known, it is finally happening! Hubby will fly there right after the first to escort them “home”. So much to do, so little time! Please all Gator’s keep your fingers and toes crossed that we don’t run into anymore glitches with this!

The Palingates community sends (((()))) to CR46, her family and these young women. You do us proud!

Palingates Weekly Roundup – December 6 to December 12

By Blueberry Tart

Sarah and Chuck had flippin’ fun killing and butchering a reindeer less than 3 weeks before Christmas eve. Now, that is Sarah’s idea of wholesome family entertainment! It is evident that Sarah knows nothing about handling guns, and no surprise that she would blame the gun when she misses. Sarah as huntress is a – what’s the word I’m looking for? – a CANARD. Chuck is creepy and falls on his face, literally (“proverbially”) and figuratively. ((((♥)))) to Bella; we’re really sorry you watched this one. The post includes another of Sarah’s blatant lies, how she and the other gubernatorial candidates were questioned about abortion in 2006. Some great updates show Palin-fodder for the comedians. Phil Munger weighed in with a fish story showing Chuck’s true character, and Regina commented about what was likely staged in SP-AK and how drama was added in the editing studio.

The post begins with Rep. John Yarmuth’s brilliant analysis of Sarah Palin’s “lame stream media strategy.” (H/T to TruGal.) “…When your voice contradicts reality and truth, the only way to create space for it is to discredit reality and truth. Palin, Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others have made an art form of convincing far too many Americans to suspend their disbelief, and they have severely damaged the ability of our country to have serious discussions about serious challenges. Once again, comediennes also play a key role in revealing Sarah Palin; this time, it’s Margaret Cho, who is now engaged in a Twitter-Facebook standoff with Sarah’s protégé, Bristol. Margaret is not intimidated and stands by her report about Sarah pressuring Bristol to do DWTS to win back fans for Sarah. Next, Patrick picks up on the Alaska Dispatch article flagged by our reader BinCo (and others). AD shows the difference between Sarah’s extravagant hunting expedition and the way most Alaskans hunt. In Sarah Palin’s version of Alaska, when you need to fly anywhere, just hail a plane! It’s that easy and anybody should be able to afford it…

Memo to self: be fully awake before checking Palingates; those Time Magazine covers were tough to see while I was still groggy first thing in the morning! Patrick’s excellent post lambastes Time’s sorry excuse for journalism, as they conduct an “interview” with Sarah Palin by email. She is literally “emailing it in” and they report it – absurd! I do not know of any political figure in our history who has been allowed to write his/her own narrative as SP does. Time also buys into the idea that Sarah actually writes her books and op-ed pieces. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, Palingates shows samples of Sarah’s writing; suffice it to say that her middle school persona shines through her words! But: “…Sarah Palin’s media strategy is working. Intelligent people refuse to do their homework and choose to accept the lies and platitudes that Sarah Palin offers them.” Relief: a great cartoon!

HUGE THANKS to Palingates’ wonderful and generous readers, with special gratitude to drpatois and ennealogic for their matching gift challenges during the Moneyblast, which raised the amazing amount of $ 7798.01 + approx. $ 300 still to come in!

Palingates Moneyblast banner
Note by Patrick: Everybody, thank you so much! This result greatly exceeded our expectations, and I would like to mention that a) about 10% of the donations came from Alaska, which is quite amazing, and b) the rest came from ALL OVER the USA. Special thanks to Ennealogic and Dr Patois for their “matchmaking challenges”, which found a huge response. But at the end of the day, it’s everybody together who contributes to the Palingates community in very different ways who makes Palingates such a success.

Getting ready for her close-up

“Snarkasm” abounds regarding Sarah Palin’s jaunt to Haiti. Palin’s BFF Greta Van Susteren is conveniently along to document the trip; can’t let a PR opportunity like this go to waste, can we? Patrick contrasts Palin’s extended photo op with the work of Sean Penn, whose disaster relief work there has been going on since just after the earthquake, and has made a tremendous difference in addressing the true needs of the Haitian people. Gag alert: the post also includes commentary on Palin’s recent swipes at President Obama, as she tries to make it appear that he is idling on the golf course while she is addressing America’s real issues and doing good deeds.

Comments of the Week

Nin1963: …We have all of the anecdotal evidence required to make the prediction that Palin as POTUS would bring much suffering to this country and to the world. This evidence has been collected in story upon story of her character, her quick temper, her willful ignorance of the rule of law…and… her vindictive nature against those who would question that authority. Her paranoia about the press…should inform us as to how she would treat the 4th estate if given authority…

Arvad: I have wracked my brain trying to understand why anyone would see Sarah Palin as a leader. There is nothing presidential about her. There is nothing even stable about her… She is like the person in a public meeting who stands up and yells “I’m not putting up with this!” and stomps off in a huff, followed by other equally angry people… She’s angry, she likes attention, she is mean-spirited, but she is profoundly lazy. The people who admire her… watch her like they watched the news, believing everything they are told. They have an allegiance and that is all that is necessary. No thinking, no analysis required.

Annettek: Wonder how well that shooting Rudolph the red nosed reindeer stone dead in front of the kids just before Christmas thingy will work out for ya Sarah.

BluedogAK: Do the Palinistas seriously think average people don’t notice the difference in diction and syntax between someone who writes “Notably absent from this calculus were political considerations” and someone whose favorite verbal response seems to be “It really sucks”?

Moldy_Cheese: Does the Palin family have a meeting every morning to assign the “whine of the day” or does each member get to pick their own?

Heidimn: This family displays so much passive (and non-passive) aggression towards each other it’s appalling. I saw a clip on tv of one daughter smashing the face of another into a cake and cannot fathom the dynamics that brought that on. This is not a family that loves each other, they are all in competition with each other and settle their scores openly and viciously.

Teutonic13: *sigh* Someday I’ll make a notable quote… 🙂

PA_John quoted Seth Meyer on SNL: “You can’t just change the ‘P’ in a word to an ‘F’ and say that you came up with a new word.” He demonstrated his point: “New Oxford American Dictionary, please stop rafing the English language.”

Ice_nine and other hunters agree: The way she moves that rifle around with her finger on the trigger is terrifying. You NEVER put your finger on the trigger until your sights are on target and you are ready to fire – unless you are clueless ignorant moron.

Leu2500: If a child displayed this type of cruelty towards animals you’d take the child to see a shrink for fear she’d grow up to be a serial killer…to take GLEE in the death of these animals? I’ve never seen that.

Lilly-lily: And Bristol in her stupidity is managing to rack up others in the enemies department all by herself. Starting with the Johnston Family, the kid in Tennessee, facebook kids who dare say her mothers show stinks, the teacher in Homer, Maks, Margaret Cho, and many many others. I’m sure she has quite a few from Juneau days and from Wasilla High. Like mother, like daughter.

Sdilmoak and others are onto Sarah: Come on now $arah….do tell……could you tell all of us stupid people how daddy dearest managed to get 6 people from the tent (where that big ole’ bear was a scratchin’) into the ole’ Valiant? It is a friggin’ or flippin’ miracle you all lived, isn’t it? Why wouldn’t old Chuckles just SHOOT the bear? Instead he hustles a bunch of children from the tent to the car? RIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!! It’s satire….I get it!

Yknott: So much for common sense truths! She fudges the truth about the fact that she needs to fill her freezer, the whole thing is staged and at a huge expense, and she happily “kills” an innocent caribou to boost her image and get some creds. The whole time it is obvious and apparent she has never or rarely shot a gun and doesn’t know wtf she is doing.

Historygoddess had a great long comment; here are snippets: …I teach in a red, red county where it is common for boys to grouse and duck hunt before school…A large number of students are out of school during hunting season…But, the talk today was Palin-bashing. Her fake hunting was too much for these folks that love hunting. They were making fun of her not sighting her gun beforehand. Questioned her choice of gun…Not hanging the meat! Dumb. Wearing make up? Not wearing the waders when walking through water, but did wear them later. Dumb. Not being able to cock her own gun? That’s unforgivably stupid…And the student hunters- they were ruthless. They called her a Poser.

MANY ‘Gaters took offense to Sarah’s comment about “ruggedness” applying only to Alaskans.

TruGal: “Our ruggedness is (really) a mystery to people in the lower 48.” That’s the quote TLC uses in the promo for next week’s show with Kate Gosselin. I’ll bet a million bucks Palin’s not rugged enough to last one WEEK in New York City!

To which nycgirl replied: Oh, please God, let me show her my New York… I’d put her on the Subway & we would never hear from her again. I’d bring her into a Korean deli where she would meet some ”rill” Americans who work 18 hrs a day to support their families… I would bring her to Harlem, Far Rockaway, Crown Heights, the South Bronx, then drop her in the Atlantic Ocean. Let her swim back to Wasilla.

DebinWI: Bristol, is now a puppet just like her mom — they both need people behind the scenes to pull their strings and talk for them. Empty inside. No substance. Nothing to offer. Always angry. Always the victim.

CR46: Even as an avid hunter, there was just no reason to show the quartering of the Caribou on TV, it was meant to offend people. Sarah has complete control and this is what she chose. As for the home life, if those are parts she thinks are normal…well then her family is screwier than I thought.

Later: What a Canard! I think we caught a Menard ( Troll) hoisting Scarah’s Petard!
anonPoster: As Twitler would say: “Don’t retreat. Have your Daddy reload.” One dopey episode of her reality show has blown her favorite political motto out of the water for good. She’ll be laughed off the stage the next time she brays that motto.

Louiecypher: …Well I saw your latest faceybook post, and you never took any fed dollars while you were mayor or 1/2 term gov, never once did you board a plane to Washington with your “hat in your hand”. I was wondering if I could borrow your time machine, there a wee bit of history I would love to go and re-write… And later: …Oh one other thing Hatey isn’t an island of people full of hate, (which I know would be better than college in Hawaii) anyways you and Graham Cracker don’t forget the COOOOKKKIIIEEES!!!!!!

Kellygrrrl: I mean, did she really say “I know, we don’t like feelings either.” and did Chuckles really put the heart in Piper’s face? [Yes.] Dear Gawd!!!!!!!

SteveinVancouver: …everyone has to be quiet so as not to scare off the caribou, but shooting at it 5 times doesn’t scare it off??? Really???? Second, the caribou that goes down at 48 seconds is NOT the one that was in the scope just prior to that. The racks are completely different in size and shape. The rack on the earlier caribou is similar to (but appeared to be larger than) the one that was shot, so they are not necessarily the same animal. I’m betting that the entire thing on the people side was just staged, the stock footage of caribou walking, standing and going down were edited in and then “verifying the kill” was staged with a caribou shot by someone else. To be sure, Sarah didn’t shoot anything.

Cheeriogirl found the cost of the caribou hunting guide ($5200/hunter for 1 caribou or $6000 “trophy fee”), making this one helluva expensive caribou. Kind of laughable about Sarah’s “have to hunt to fill the freezer” meme.

Laprofesora: …She cannot accurately fake a normal family because she has no experience with what a normal, average family looks like. Her perspective is completely skewed by her mental illness. This is evident in the scenes she chose to include in her show. How could she not see how badly she and her family will be viewed? She approaches the whole thing from a clearly delusional mental state. I’m quite sure she thinks she pulled it off splendidly and we are none the wiser. “Ozzie and Harriet” of Alaska the Paylins aren’t.

AnnaLynne noticed that Chuck and Sarah behave the same when they don’t get their way:

How Chuck Heath behaves: “He wouldn’t leave me alone, and kept getting excited as we landed more salmon…” How Screech behaves: She told me that once Bristol had the baby she and Todd would adopt him… She was nagging—she wouldn’t give up… We both kept telling her we were definitely not going to let her adopt the baby.

There were several excellent comments from experienced hunters, ALL of which noted Sarah’s lack of even the most basic knowledge of how to use guns safely. Palingates welcomes Hunt Like You’re Hungry and thanks sjk, CR46 and others for sharing their hunting expertise.

Minnesotamud found this great comment on NYT blog, by Gemli from Boston: “…she inflames the Left because she is a threat. She embodies the ideas of action without intelligence, of fame without reason, and of self-esteem without justification. These traits were also present in the previous president, who nearly destroyed this country with eight years of blundering mismanagement…

BanditBasheert: Palin may have been hacked but it was not by Wiki – they aren’t doing this – the fact that she said they “traced it back” was an outright lie – which led to the even BiGGER lie that she was even hacked. If the story begins with a huge lie???? You can bet the rest is either a lie or a fantasy.

Maelewis: Being in the spotlight must be like a drug to some people. No matter how loud the applause, next time it has to be louder. The thrill has to be bigger. It gets harder and harder to top the last performance or bit of attention… Sarah’s constant need for attention is a sickness, especially when she says and does things that are so unbelievable…

Drpatois: Patrick, this reminds me of a quote from William Bernback, a top advertising executive from the 1960’s. “The truth isn’t the truth until people believe you, and they can’t believe you if they don’t know what you’re saying, and they can’t know what you’re saying if they don’t listen to you, and they won’t listen to you if you’re not interesting, and you won’t be interesting unless you say things imaginatively, originally, freshly.”

sunnyjane’s son had a great title for the SPAK episode: The Caribou, The Witch, and The Camo Wardrobe.”

Linda1961: There is a special place reserved in Hell for that woman who rather than trying to alleviate misery, is exploiting it for political gain.

Mrs TBB: Doesn’t Haiti have enough trouble as it is?

Cacklingrad: This is funny: I don’t know what kind of glitch in their system put it there or how long it will stay there, but Amazon currently has Sarah’s ABH as #1 in their “Bestsellers in Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy”.

CaliGirl and Molly_WI made this point: She’s so concerned about rumors about a hunting license that a video is released to prove her purchase of them. She’s so concerned about rumors about Trig not being her son that she just tells everybody “What, do you not believe me or my doctor?” and offers no proof, which would be as simple to prove as a hunting license. And she (apparently) doesn’t allow her doctor to talk about the birth either.
465janedoeseeker: …when people bash and condemn the concept of social justice here at home, I just can’t take them at face value when they go abroad on ‘missions’ to allegedly promote social justice elsewhere.

Sondra Tompkins: SP’s tweet should have read: “Life is 10% truth, 90% lies you make up to cover the truth.” Later: This trip to Haiti was just a notch in Sarah’s political bedpost.

Ennealogic had a great comment Sunday morning on the Time cover “paint by numbers” approach.

BBT says: Okey-doke, I’m gonna stop here… there are so many great comments!

Links of the Week

Austintxx linked to the NYT: “Do you follow yourself closely on Twitter? Have you been blogging regularly about your… memoir? Do you make a habit of weeping about your values in public?…”

Paradigm Shift: Tina Dupuy makes a good point about Palin and her enemies list at the 1:50 mark. “Look, if there is a list, there is clearly a pattern. But if there is seventy on that list, that is a complex.”

Later: “…women don’t trust Sarah Palin when it comes to women’s health issues.”

TruGal linked to Sullivan refuting Palin’s hunting prowess

to NYT on She Who Must Not Be Named and more from NYT on Sarah Palin’s Alaskan Rhapsody

Myrtilla noticed that even Murdoch’s WSJ took some swipes at Sarah the rookie huntress

Drpatois (to Bella): Since you were exposed to $arah’s dreadful behavior, I wanted to offer you a story of some real Alaskans. They are not at all like $arah Paylin. I hope it makes you smile!

Mxm linked to this HUGE smackdown on a hunter’s site, commenting on Sarah’s obvious lack of even rudimentary hunting skills… It was simply a hunting trip to bag some PR for a complete idiot loser who represents the hunting community in a horrible way…

Paradigm Shift (H/T @liberalchick230) A thoughtful piece from Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) “Sarah Palin’s Lame Media Strategy”

and this on Palin Fatigue: Palin “unfavorable” 60% The more people see of her, the less they like her.

Joey with Aaron Sorkin from HuffPo: “…You weren’t killing that animal for food or shelter or even fashion, you were killing it for fun. You enjoy killing animals…I’ve tried and tried and for the life of me, I can’t make a distinction between what you get paid to do and what Michael Vick went to prison for doing…”

Joey also found this at the Baltimore Sun

Juicy and austintxx linked to Maureen Dowd in the NYT “The doomed caribou gazed calmly across the Alaska tundra at Caribou Barbie…”

Juicy also posted this from AK Dispatch and to NY Daily News on Sarah exploiting Haiti as “poverty porn”

Aview999 found this on an epidemic of narcissism

And this comparing Julian Assange and Robert Novak

She also this from The Guardian on Samaritan’s Purse’s idea of humanitarian relief

Cheeriogirl found an interesting article on BofA lobbying its regulators

HIG linked to Jimmy Kimmel

Kathleen linked to this petition re Wikileaks

BluedogAK found this in the Newsminer about shifting stories in Palin’s two books

Sickntiredofpalin on Bristol being a bigger star than Sarah was followed by curioser11 on Bristol’s popularity dropping by 62%

Myrtilla: From Mother Jones, Quote of the Day: Sarah Palin’s Busy Life

Molly_WI found The Victim Chronicles on the Mudflats

Patrick found that The Independent reports that even conservative websites are smacking down Sarah’s pitiful performance as a hunter

He also linked to Salon on Time’s cover story based on emails that they don’t even know came from Palin herself

Dusty17 and Juicyfruityy had this from politicususa (teaser: the url includes palin-idiot-politics)

Tweets of the Week

Mmboucher8: @SarahPalinUSA please explain where common sense was when you [claimed you] boarded plane while having contractions and leaking fluid.#Palin

Hannah_Bell suggested this tweet: “you love proving your ‘haters’ wrong-so why no birth cert for Trig? Nobody is saying you aren’t his mom-we’re saying you did not GIVE BIRTH to him!”

BellPeppery: @SarahPalinUSA Like driving past hospitals w/NICUs in Dallas and Seattle, bypassing Walmart/McDs to spend $42K “hunting” caribou = CRAZY.

@SarahPalinUSA Millionaire fake huntress says it’s flippin fun to kill/butcher reindeer. Wholesome family TV during Xmas = killing Rudolph? [Thanks! From BBT]

Twitter campaign? “Sarah – God wants you and Bristol to donate ALL your TV show earnings to the Haitian people”

@SarahPalinUSA’s Holiday To Do List: 1. Shoot reindeers 2. Exploit crisis-stricken Haitians 3. Buy Bristol more scarves to hide belly behind

ForeverAnonymous found this (from Bandit Basheert, right?): Sarah Palin’s Hunting Trip To Feed Her Family Cost — $42,400 or $141.33 per lb. of Caribou Meat! Exclusive!

Honestyingov: #SarahPalin, FAKE Mayor-hired CtyMgr,FAKE Hunter@TLC-Amateur+ Cost?,FAKE Hcky Mom-Never there 4 Kids,FAKE pregncy-YU betcha! @Palingates #p2

@Sarahpalinusa, we know U don’t read,BUT Haiti Disaster was 1yr AGO! Did U just find out abt it.Were U Busy gettin Willow out of Jail THEN?

@SarahPalinusa, Saw Todd #Palin on B.Walters.Obviously Gaunt &sick.NO Tweet asking ppl 2 pray 4 Him? Guess U dont care.HIDING sumthin again?

Tyroanee: #Palin/Cheney Duck & Cover Hunting Academy- applications forms available @ I can’t believe Americans fall for this Sh8t!

Get a Life: @sarahpalinusa says “bailouts reward bad behavior” but expects palinbots to pay legal bills for ethics charge filed against herself. #palin

#youmightbeapalin if your whole life is one big canard.

Disqusux: @RAMansour Nobody gives a damn about Palin’s reading habits, not even Katie Couric. #whining grizzly

The Last Word

LouieCypher (tot_ou_tard had a version of this, too)

puts yule log on the fire and sits in cozy chair, apologies to Henry Livingston and Dr Seuss

Twas the night before sarahmas, all through the compound;
not a family member was there, no Trig to be found,
except for dear Sarah who was heard to be yelling.
‘I’ve used autopen, leather bound but my book’s just not selling!”
Then appeared Tawd decked in his Artic Cat Jacket.
“Let’s go to Haiti and start a new racket”
She fluxored, she fumed then slowly waxed’
“Tawd I’m afraid to go there I’ve heard they’re all black”
Her thumbs became restless with the need to a twitter,
but how to explain I’m not a half governer quitter?
She paced the floor, then suddenly boasted
“Call up RAM and get this ghost fake facebook posted”
“What does it say, what does it say?” she squelled with a grin
“I hope it says something bad about the Obama admin”
It really said nothing to no ones total suprise
and her heart shrunk further to a third of a third it’s normal size,
That’s when they say the miracle begin
for in her twitter account there was a DM
I’ll shorten the speach and cut through the drama
but there it was a DM from Obama
I’m not quite sure if he called her a bitch
Might have been something bout tax cuts for the rich
She danced with glee to the sound of flunkets and flaxer’s
And tried to decide which of her kids wasn’t a bastard,
We’ve tried to deduce what happened that night
when suddenly dear Sarah wasn’t full of hate and spite.

Palingates Weekly Roundup – November 29 to December 6

By Blueberry Tart

willow piper cake

Leadfoot_LA and Bella have spared us again from watching “Alaska’s Sarah Palin.” This week’s episode shows the Palin’s family dysfunction in all its glory, while fishing for salmon on Bristol Bay, celebrating Willow’s 16th birthday with rude antics, and visiting a Palin nephew with Down Syndrome (obviously they are very close and Palin really cares about him, as it only took 10 years for her to meet this boy for the first time). Track appears long enough for us to find out that the Army did not straighten him out; he appears to be lazy, irresponsible and undisciplined, and he still has the bad temper for which he was well-known in his hockey days. The fishing expedition shows that the Palin kids know nothing about properly and skillfully handling boats, trailers, fish or fishing equipment. At Willow’s party, she makes faces while others are praying, smashes Piper’s face into the cake and then whines because she did not get a new truck even though she is such a great kid – OMG! Piper is unhelpful and disrespectful. Once again, the Palins put the fun (or at least the FU) in dysfunction.

Austintxx has done it again! This time, he coughed up the dough for Sarah’s latest screed, and then stood in line with some dyed-in-the-polyester Palinbots, photographed a C4Per, and then got the full charm treatment from Sarah herself. Fortunately, Palingates had inoculated him so that he didn’t fall under her spell! Great music, lots of fun – thanks, Austin! Patrick added some choice pieces, including the Morning Joe interview where Scarborough challenges the Republicans to “man up” and expresses his outrage that she took the names of Reagan and Bush the First in vain. He adds some excellent links on Sarah’s call to hunt down Assange of Wikileaks as though he were a terrorist rather than a whistle-blower; here are excerpts from the Guardian:

Insofar as they are sensational, it is in showing the corruption and mendacity of those in power, and the mismatch between what they claim and what they do…The job of the media is not to protect power from embarrassment…American (and British) taxpayers might question, too, how most of the billions of dollars going in aid to Afghanistan simply exits the country at Kabul airport… America’s foreign policy is revealed as a slave to rightwing drift… Perhaps we can now see how catastrophe unfolds when there is time to avert it, rather than having to await a Chilcot report after the event. If that is not in the public’s interest, I fail to see what is.

Palingates had a banner month in November, driven by the huge numbers of readers coming to the site for Patrick’s worldwide scoop of Palin’s new book. That post generated more MSM coverage than ever before, opening the door for more people to become aware of Sarah Palin’s many scandals. None is more audacious than her faked pregnancy with Trig. As the clip of Michael Carey proves, this “rumor” was not a fabrication of the blogs after her nomination; it was widely discussed and given credence in Anchorage months before Palin’s selection as the VP candidate (proof in itself of the complete lack of vetting by the McCain campaign).

Now, if page loads were dollars, Palingates would be in fine financial fettle! But as it is, PG runs on a shoestring budget; to stay afloat, the blog relies on the incredible donations of time and expertise by Patrick, Kathleen and the research team, as well as our readers’ generous gifts of knowledge, wit and funds. So, please give as generously as you can afford for this money blast. Special thanks to drpatois, who has pledged to match donations up to $365 – how wonderful! I hope others will join me in meeting her match offer.

SP is a PP: a personable person with a psychopathic personality who has no conscience. [BBT: I think she is a PP*.] Kathleen’s guest post offers a literary interlude, as she connects the writings of Kurt Vonnegut and his description of PPs to our very own former half-term governor, who oozes charm as a front for a very dysfunctional, authoritarian personality. Vonnegut’s experiences as a POW in Dresden during the bombing that destroyed the city, along with his secular-humanist foundation, made him the antithesis of Sarah’s superficial smiling über-patriotism and ultimately dark, ruthless persona.

Palinman brings new meaning to Palinmania! After watching the clip of her with Palinman, signing books while not even looking at them, I can’t help but think of how personally meaningful the signatures on Sarah’s books are. (Maybe the autopen is not such a bad option after all.) The crazy doesn’t end there, as we see a sampling of Palinbots and get a glimpse of the upcoming SPAK episode with Sarah and Kate plus nine (or thereabouts). On a more serious note, Frank Schaeffer will have a new book this spring, this one saying boldy that sex is the underlying theme of selling evangelical Christianity. This is where Sarah fits in, and it should be interesting! [Schaeffer is also the author of this brilliant article from September 2008 on “Sarah Palin, America’s Lipstick Fascist” (H/T to juicyfruityy).] The post notes the void that Alaska Dispatch is helping to fill in news reporting, the efforts of CNN to penetrate Palin’s media blockade, and the forceful article by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend refuting Palin’s critique of JFK’s famous statements about separating politics and religion.

Patrick has figured out Sarah’s Palin’s first amendment/commandment: “Any criticism of a Palin will be considered as an attack on American values and the constitution and has to be repulsed by any means necessary swiftly and forcefully.” As he points out, “We already knew that Sarah Palin was a professional victim, but what we didn’t know so far is that her little apprentice Bristol is quickly following in her footsteps…” Margaret Cho and Keith Olbermann had the audacity to comment on Bristol without the Palins’ approval; utterly unacceptable! So, ghostwriter to the rescue! It is hilarious to compare these Facebook responses to the actual comments that Bristol made on Facebook and MySpace. “Accusing me of hypocrisy is by now, an old canard. What Mr Olbermann lacks in originality he makes up for with insencere incredulity” and “hey, hahaha i went and shoot a tree!! i was so scared of the kick-back and the noise though..everyone has to help me and i was embarrassed. but anways how was your day?? tracks little bitch ass decited to tell my parents im a stoner..hes soo tight..and when i get home, im gonna kick him in the balls..” Do you notice any difference in style? Hint: you can tell which is Bristol’s actual writing because it is laced with profanity and lacks any semblance of knowledge of the English language. Sarah herself is on a Twittermania rant today. Joy to the World.

Comments of the Week

Dsmyre: …Sarah is a professional heckler with just one focus, Pres. O. She is paid to continue the role she played in 2008. She hurls insults, insinuates, implies, and raises hackles with outrageous tweets, speeches and Facebook posts. She is a pitbull with lipstick who purposely seeks to draw negative attention. She is a highly-paid shameless distraction.

Everspring: Hmmmm…I guess Palin will be banned from commenting on her own facebook pages because she doesn’t follow any of her own rules (i.e., hateful comments, insanely stupid comments, opinions without facts, never discusses real issues — only garbage, never respectful or kind comments, and always looking to cause some kind of turmoil) !!!

Ltl1 reposted an excellent IM comment from a Bristol Bay fisherman who noted the “total lack of skill” shown by the Palins in the way that they handled the salmon, and how odd it is that the Palin kids did not learn how to handle the boat, nets and fish at an early age.

And later (responding to Molly_WI’s comment about Sarah’s fake tears): You are not jaded; you are just perceptive:
Oct 29, 2010, Trig has a scheduled surgery;
Oct 30, 2010, Sarah goes to West Virginia to campaign for a teabagger;
Oct 31, 2010, after fulfilling her campaigning obligation (which was scheduled after Trig’s surgery was scheduled), Sarah rushes back to Alaska to be with Trig while he recovers from surgery Sarah goes to New York and watches a Jets game in the owner’s luxury box. Her love for Trig turns off when the cameras turn off.

Missharleyquin: [It struck me as odd that] Mrs. Palin never made an effort to be a part of Matthew’s life as soon as she found out that Trig was going to be born with Down Syndrome… Wouldn’t it seem logical to call Ina and ask her about her experiences, to visit as time allowed so she could see what she had to look forward to and the challenges she and her family were going to face. Instead she gets all teary eyed seeing a ten year old relative she ignored for the last decade because it would look good for the sympathy voters.

Jack Slater: These names are all rabid, frothing at the mouth Neocons. They loathe Wikilieaks actions, not because of national security risks, but because of possibly exposing evidence of war crimes along with the loss of public support for their globetrotting imperialism.

Later: “The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbour to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” ~Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia 1781 – 1782

Femme7: Palin’s knee jerk reaction to WikiLeaks Chief….hunt him down like a terrorist……….should be a wake-up call to all American’s. This is scary, scary stuff. She believes that the USA should be able to go out and kill anyone we want…. because we don’t like what they are doing? She believes we can just call anyone a terrorist and hunt them down? Wow.

MrsTBB had a great account from Sasha Obama’s teacher of Sasha’s behavior in school: “…amazingly kind, smart, unspoiled, mature for her age without being bratty, cooperative…”

SondraTompkins: She’s already running in the delusional world in which she lives.

Later: “Leave no stone, lie, or book unturned.” – Me 😉

Cackling Rad: Oh, she’s definitely running. She wants to beat that black man so badly she’s frothing at the mouth. She knows she can’t win by running a typical campaign, but that’s okay with her because she is running a brilliant NEW style of campaign in which the presidency is treated like the Miss Congeniality title, something you win by being all fakey-popular… Plus, these are dangerous, desperate times, and she is brilliant at tapping into people’s fears and angers. The only thing that might trip her up is that, as much as she knows and understands people who are like her, she is terribly ignorant of how the rest of us think…

Later: People are angry. Angry people want someone to blame and hate. This is why she’s become so popular–she’s the cheerleader of hate.

AKRNC: Facebook friends within the last 28 hours have increased by 27,014 for our President, Barack Obama for a total of 16,906,803. For 1/2 term Quitter they have increased by 3891 for a total of 2,486,745.

Anne_123: Perhaps I am wrong, but I have never ever seen one famous celebrity drag his/her child with them while they signed autographs or met “fans’. They keep the “little ones” out of that mess… Anne also found this comment on “I can’t decide if the former Alaskan Governor is a Jezebel, Delilah or Typhoid Mary of American politics. Maybe she is a combination of all three…”

Linda1961: Reminder Gaters: 55 years ago today, a lady refused to give up her seat on a bus and was arrested. Thanks to Rosa Parks, a real American hero, we really are more free as a nation. Still far from perfect, but moving forward (for the most part). All it takes is ordinary people taking a stand.

To which sjk replied: and just over 2 years ago a cowardly VP candidate threw her daughter UNDER the bus to save her career. $arah is the opposite of Ms. Parks in every way possible, except possibly gender.

Former Republican: That’s why the show is called “Sarah Palin’s Killin’ Alaska.” (Isn’t it?) Something dies a violent death in every flippin’ episode. Salmon, halibut, caribou, our eardrums, and whatnot.

Cheeriogirl and her cohorts were at it again, researching connections of the consultants that SarahPAC lists on the FEC report. Great job!

Ivyfree: Off topic, kind of: I was readying a patient for surgery this morning. Heard the patient in the next cubicle: “You kick the L out of Palin and she’s STILL a pain!” I lost it.

Lilybart: She is a quitter and a whiner. Americans don’t like quitters and whiners. That might be all we need to end her.

Mytilla had a good comment on being the daughter of a dysfunctional mother (paying attention, Bristol?): I was well into my thirties before I finally broke free and am stunned at how sweet life is without all those planted doubts, contradictions, chaos, and uncertainty.

Cheeriogirl: Bristol wouldn’t know the word “incredulity” if it smacked her upside the head. I call BS!

Ice_nine: True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country. — Kurt Vonnegut

MadamDeal: 2012: True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that Sarah Palin and her high school class are running the country.

MaeLewis: There is one word of consolation today. In her recent TV interview, (played on Chris Matthews) Nicole Wallace said that she knew things about Palin. She knew that Palin was not qualified to be Vice President, and she said that if Sarah got anywhere close to getting the nomination, or God forbid, was the nominee, then she would have to tell what she knows.

Kellygrrrl: The smaller the mind the greater the conceit. – Aesop

Sickntiredofpalin: “Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

ArmchairJane: And of course any day that I hear that Dick Cheney is getting indicted is a good day!

CR46: CANARD Definition from the TeagBagger dictionary: Canard A large divot or dent, usually found on the front of the refrigerator from a Can that missed a spouse, derived from the Teabagger slang of “Can hard”

BadlandsAK (from a longer comment): Maybe someone should put a copy of “Slaughter House Five” in the Christmas stockings of those who would glorify war.

Sallyngarland,tx: Palin has a psychotic need to stay in the news or be noticed. She did 4 tweets 2 hours ago. She reminds me of the Fatal Attraction stalker.

Molly malone: Wow. A blog that started out to solve a mystery: did Sarah Palin lie about her pregnancy and giving birth to Trig, or was she telling the truth? Aided by the efforts of citizen investigators, researchers, private witnesses and dogged sleuths, more pieces of the puzzle begin to emerge and fitted into place to present a picture more damning than even remotely suspected. To me, who loves mysteries, the even greater power of palingates lies in the fact that all commenters here–regardless of state, country, religious or political persuasion–have worked together to provide and analyze those puzzle pieces. And the most powerful thing I have learned is that, while S.P. tries to create hatred of others, the palingates family is the exact opposite. We have learned to care about commenters we would never have had the opportunity to know had it not been for palingates.

Cheeriogirl: You nailed it Molly. Palingates began as a blog, and has blossomed into so much more- a loving, caring community that spans across our globe. How amazing is that?

Later: She’s the Cheerleader of Hate. If you tweet, please use this hashtag #CheerleaderofHate. I’ve gotten TREMENDOUS positive response whenever I include it in my tweets. Funny thing is, so far anyway, no one has asked me WHO I’m talking about- they already know. Rather telling, no?

Zane1: Teen pregnancy, vandalism & drugs…these are all red flags that no parenting is being done & the kids are looking for attention elsewhere. This is no all American Family.

Heidi1 had some interesting news: I’d love to share some great news that happened today. Guess who sent me an e-mail? The National Enquirer!…

Disqusux: “Alaskans eat, therefore we send Levi or Bristol out for Crunchwrap Supremes.”

Patrick (on Saturday) explained all the benefits of Germany’s “big government” – very comprehensive.

ProChoiceGrandma had an excellent long comment on Saturday summing up Sarah Palin to a T.

Links of the Week

Vilca and rollingingraves linked to this excellent article by John Dean

Patrick: The Misunderestimation of Sarah Palin (from The Nation).

And this from Phil Munger

Palinized and others linked to politico: Joe Scarborough tells GOP to man up and confront Sarah Palin

Later, Juicy and others linked to Morning Joe on the same topic

Annettek found this article on Daily Kos on Sarah’s plans to run for President, including a filing with the FEC as a 2012 Presidential candidate

Lilly-lily from LA Times on Palin’s “rat-like cunning”

MrsTBB found this on Media Matters on Palin’s ghostwriter, Jessica Gavora, and her husband Jonah Goldberg. [BBT: Is Goldberg plagiarizing his wife, or vice versa? Or Sarah plagiarizing both of them?]

Regina pointed out this excellent article

Honestyingov linked to Sarah Jones on “Sarah is a Traitor”

Historygoddess found this on Mother Jones

Yknott found this on Bernie Sanders taking Wall St and the big banks to task

Karenkristin and others linked to the Pravda piece

Aview999 found this on Crooksandliars, on the Pravda piece

And to HuffPo on Sarah “blindsided” by the press at a book signing

CaliGirl22 (from politicususa): Palin bought books with donor money, jacked up the value of the books four fold, and then sold them back to the same people who paid for the books in the first place. $64,000 in books may not seem like much, but when you consider that she paid the wholesale not the retail price for each copy it adds up quickly. If we estimate that SarahPAC paid $ 5 per book, Palin padded her sales with an additional 13,600 books.”

Juicyfruityy and others linked to lynnrockets on “Nobody else is Hitler”

Dusty17 and honestyingov found these links: PolitiFact’s “false” ratings of Sarah Palin’s tweets and a commentary on these findings

Wits linked to Andrew Sullivan, who continued the literary theme with this from G.B. Shaw:

Wooljunkie linked to Chris Good, reprising the September Vanity Fair article “The Sound and the Fury”

Patrick found that Palingates is on the SP enemies list

Heidi1: Hypocrites and Heffalump Traps recommended Palingates

And one from me: Jon Stewart on America’s Tweetheart

DebinWI on Palin’s lying problem HERE and HERE

Tweets of the Week

Honestyingov: @SarahPalinusa, Plez HELP! Call #wikileaks about THIS. Need an #Investigation. Something is ‘Fishy’. @spalaska I

@sarahPalinusa, U r using New words n Ur Tweets now. ” Incompetence “. Finally found a ‘subject’ U R an “Expert” on. BTW:Brisdull is Pregnt

@Richmnd_NEWS140, RT @srjones66, Foreign Press Says What America’s Won’t: Sarah Palin is a Traitor. @spj_tweets

Rollingingraves: Hey #JulianAssange, do us a favor, dig up some dirt on @sarahpalinusa and publish it in #Wikileaks. Thanks in advance.

Bluerinse: Seems that @SarahPalinUSA was for leaks before she was against them. @spalaska #wikileaks #p2b

Igetit2: Inexplicable! HC settled lawsuit with Gawker, but @sarapalinusa can’t stop Palingates!

rollingingraves: @sarahpalinusa told Bristol she “owed” it 2 her so that “America wld fall in love with her again” ~ M. Cho #DWTS

ThanksABunchJohn linked to HuffPo critique of Palin’s parenting

@sarahpalinusa: Call out Kyl for refudiating Reagan’s START treaty and putting U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan in harm’s way! DO IT NOW!
@sarahpalinusa: Wikileaks did NOT commit treason, you moron! A member of the MILITARY from red-state OKLAHOMA leaked confidential docs!
@sarahpalinusa: You and Bristol were critical of Levi for chasing fame; how do you explain fame-whore Bristol? All Palins are HYPOCRITES!
@sarahpalinusa: You’ve really made influential friends in 2010, Sarah. C. O’Donnell would vote for H. Clinton before she’d vote for you!

WheresMyJammies: @wheresmyjammies Here’s my compromise. No social safety nets for people who support & vote GOP. They need to take responsibility for their votes. #p2

Get A Life:
@sarahpalinusa couldn’t even keep a college kid out of her yahoo e-mail, he guessed her password. How would she stop Wikileaks? #p2 #palin
@sarahpalinusa Where’s your tweet about expiring unemployment benefits? I thought you cared about the little people? #palin #p2
@sarahpalinusa Tweets lies about “Tax Hike” but nothing about those losing unemployment benefits. R the unemployed not “real” Americans? #p2
@sarahpalinusa “If you want to be taken seriously, be serious.” Ed Rollins Another Republican blasts Palin #p2

ProChoiceGrandma: New Rule: Nobody Else Is Hitler!: Terrific article, and a wonderful surprise! #P2 #DEM @Maddow @spj_tweets

Uh-Oh..Joe Miller in even MORE hot water -possible felony over missing emails?, eh wot? #p2 #Palin

@Maddow, Please support great community @Palingates to expose @SarahPalinUSA’s lies! @spj_tweets

Ennealogic: Sarah Palin is wrong about John F. Kennedy, religion and politics via @washingtonpost. | Excellent!

The Last Word:

GrannyJ: “This is a life-changing experience for all of us, and investigative citizen’s blogging will never be the same again.” I have believed this for a long time now. This is truly an amazing site. I tell my friends that one day the Palingates story will be made into a movie showing the power and potential of a community of bloggers committed to a common purpose. Hats off to Regina, Kathleen, Patrick and to all the investigative citizen journalists. You are awesome.

Palingates Weekly Roundup – November 22 to November 28

By Blueberry Tart

Leadfoot_LA and Bella are our guest TV bloggers, reporting on Sarah Palin’s Alaska with wit and a bit of wise-cracking. Sarah’s sweaty workout at gym; check. Staged trip to shooting range, allowing for several overtly political jabs by Sarah, check. Bristol is thin! Sarah misses the clay pigeon and claims she thought it was a mosquito. Bristol is clueless about shooting and Sarah and Todd give her conflicting advice. Then they go off for a fishing trip in an RV, bring Tripp (asking for “papa”) but not Trig; none of the kids are wearing seatbelts and the girls are sassy and bickering; Sarah is too busy with her Blackberry to pay attention. They go fishing and Bristol (verified as the Homer bully) clubs halibut, glad to be “getting her aggression out.” Later, Sarah and the Secessionist race kayaks. They cook fish. They compete. “It’s the end of this episode — exactly what I needed,” says Leadfoot. H/T to Bella and her for taking one for the team! Check out the fun with live-chat and other blogs.

Regina’s back with a guest post about how folks in Britain view Sarah Palin. The BBC recently ran a program on the possibility of Sarah Palin running for/ becoming POTUS. With a couple of exceptions, the Brits featured found that prospect “scary,” one caller saying that the idea “terrifies me rigid.” One commenter thought that “Michael Palin would do a better job.” Patrick notes that the Guardian has been following events closely, including linking to Palingates in two articles on Palin’s new book. Patrick then sums it up the current state of the Palin affair: “It’s a huge tragedy that the USA is now being tormented by a woman who combines delusions of grandeur with a severe mental disorder and an unrestrained desire to punish her enemies…The insanity will continue.”

Sarah has been busy revising history again, this time reinventing Bristol’s and Willow’s foul-mouthed Facebook rants as though her daughters were innocently victimized. Sarah now claims that Willow simply defended her family against horrible bloggers who said mean things about her family and her little brother Trig. Except that’s NOT what happened. A young man posted a single line critique of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on his own Facebook page, leading Bristol and Willow to attack him in crude language on his page. The young man made NO comments about Trig or other members of the family, but only criticized the TV show. For that, Bristol and Willow unleashed a barrage of insults, using homophobic slurs and other nasty, rude language. In short: this is another LIE by Sarah Palin, enabled by the media. The incident also reveals the true character of Bristol and Willow and the vindictive responses they have apparently learned from the master herself. Call the Supernanny!

Patrick and Kathleen gave us a real Thanksgiving treat, sharing the feast with Kim Chatman! For those who don’t know Kim, she is one of the true Alaskan heroes who stood up to Sarah Palin during her term as governor. Kim was originally a Republican and a Palin supporter, until she saw first-hand that Sarah was faking her pregnancy with Trig. Later, Kim filed the successful ethics complaint against Sarah’s Alaska Fund Trust. The Ethics Commission issued the Petumenos Report finding that this fund violated state law. Kim’s bona fides include being born into an Army family, serving in the USAF for 15 years and working for the military, currently in Germany. She is living proof, along with many others, that our soldiers are not necessarily fans of Mrs. Palin and do not want her to be Commander-in-Chief. Kim also attended Palin’s book-signing and has now given P&K a signed copy of Going Rogue – we’ll soon see how they plan to use it – should be interesting!

I saw the new post just as I was about to send the Roundup on for Regina to work her magic; so here is a quick summary. Patrick presents the firmest proof to date that Palin is planning to run for President. Sarah’s Facebook page and the new Sarah Palin 2012 Facebook group include four of the same people as administrators. This indicates that Sarah Palin has approved the creation of the new group promoting her 2012 candidacy. We see short profiles of some of the key people on Sarah’s team – Rebecca Mansour, Ivy Frye (with her hands full trying to rein in Willow’s behavior), Jackie Stamper Siciliano of “Team Sarah” (not so independent after all), and four administrators of both Facebook pages. The group rules: “No insane stupidity or ignorance, please! Did we forget to mention that any criticism of Sarah Palin is just insanely stupid or ignorant?”

Comments of the Week

MSMSucks: Ms. Palin, should my ancestors say God Bless America for theft and death of millions of Africans who were taken from their homeland to be slaves? Should my mother, grandmothers and grandfather say God Bless America for Racism, lynching, Jim Crow and racial profiling? Should women say God Bless America for inequality, abuse and rape? Should 18 year old men who were forced to fight unjustified wars say God Bless America, only to come home to be treated like dirt? Should the middle class say God Bless America for the Rich who wiped out their livelihoods? …

Older_Wiser: She doesn’t want to be the first female president–she wants to be our first dictator.

Hindsite (from comment on ADN): They were …letting [Harper Collins] know that they were not purchasing Palin’s book but were instead sending a donation to a down syndrome charity instead in the amount of the book purchase price. This should go viral to bring attention to Palin’s greed and her non commitment to a cause that should be dear to her heart. It might garner some media attention if it snowballed. AzureGhost had the contact info: HarperCollins Publishers, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022

Anonposter: The version of that old saying which I remember is: “There are three things you don’t discuss: religion, politics and sex.” Interestingly enough, Mrs. Palin’s career strategy can be easily described as a Venn diagram in which all three overlap. No wonder she’s divisive.

Sondra and others shared how divisive Sarah Palin is within families; Palingaters ((((♥)))) Sondra!

Just Ask: It’s mind boggling that a person who knows very little about anything feels she has the right to have an expert opinion on everything.

BluedogAK: As I’m constantly pointing out to anyone who comments favorably about her reform record or all the good things she did as governor, etc. “Your first mistake is to believe anything Sarah Palin says about herself.”

Sick of Sarah: Sarah Palin’s life should be turned into a Twilight Zone TV show script. One where, McCain offers her a magical box, and if she opens it, she will have riches and fame beyond her wildest dreams; but it will, at the same time, destroy her children and her family. We have seen the episode where she opened it… now we are watching the rest of the show.

Elizabeth44: If one of the children were in trouble, I would say, “It happens in the best of families”. When the three eldest have major issues, then you’ve got to look at the parents for sure.

Brian: It is important, I think, to keep an eye on the flow of money to and among the various players in this network. Much is going on in a shadowy way–as seen in the way money was sent to Livestro from SarahPac. My sense is that the press is missing what is going on, and although we here at Palingates are primarily focused on stopping her quest for power, it should be understood that she is part of something bigger.

Kathleenpalingates: Brings a whole new meaning to the idea of going clubbing with Bristol Palin……..

Cheeriogirl is digging up some interesting stuff on Alaska health care…stay tuned!

Regina: For some reason, the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” sprung to mind. Sarah could write “How to Make Enemies and Alienate People.”

Many ‘Gaters reposted this SP Instant Classic: Palin also weighs in on the state of journalism: “I want to help clean up the state that is so sorry today of journalism. And I have a communications degree. I studied journalism, who, what, where, when, and why of reporting”.

Sondra Tompkins: I think you mean her degree was in lack of communication with an emphasis in eradicating journalism. 😉

Onejrkitty or Dobie Tracker made a powerful comment on breaking away from a narcissistic mother, including this: True to form, there is no way you can ever “win” when dealing with a narcissist. You just keep breathing and wait for them to self destruct.

There was quite a live-blogging session Tuesday night, as Bristol finally got her due. Many good comments. Nycgirl picked up a recurring theme on Bristol: We have enjoyed watching you grow, AHAHAHAHA

Onejrkitty assembled some of Bristol’s memorable quotes from DWTS: “[Going out there and winning this would mean a lot.] It would be a middle finger to all those who hate my mom and who hate me.” “It sucks.” “I was screwed.” “…all the haters who want to see me fail.” [BBT to Sarah: These quotes show that Bristol is the EPITOME (look it up) of an “entitled little whiner [with] unrealistic views of [her] own capabilities…[who doesn’t] take criticism well…”

Former Republican: The costumer certainly had a special plan for Bristol, which was to send her out for her final dance looking like a Las Vegas Yeti. Vengance is mine, sayeth the costumer.

On a more serious note than usual, LouieCypher put in a heartfelt plea to contribute to local food banks for Thanksgiving and throughout the year.

KatieAnnieOakley (from an excellent open letter): People don’t HATE you, Bristol. They don’t even KNOW YOU. They hate condescending behavior coming from people that have it all, but still continue to cry foul. They hate many of your BEHAVIORS… like the Facebook Flame War with Willow. Like the condescension shown to the teacher in Homer, speaking her mind. Like the dragging of your son’s father into court for child support, over and over… just because you can…

FreeTrig was on a roll with “news releases” on missing child Pipper Paylin, Wallow Paylin’s TV dill…

Mrsgunka’s wonderful story of neighborly kindness was the perfect prelude to Thanksgiving Day. As Emily Peacock commented, “Msgunka you are a treasure and part of the heart of this blog.”

‘Gaters had fun with Palin mixing up North and South Korea (any of ‘em, all of ‘em…); Regina posted a great map [Regina could you repost it?] and Kathleen was dead on with this: Sarah would bomb both of them to make sure that she hits the right one!

Yes, I can!

465janedoeseeker: She needs, must have, feeds on, anger; humor, let along side-splitting laughter without stop, that would be like holding a mirror or a cross to a vampire.

Jack Slater is keeping track of Willow’s foul mouth:

dumb shit, effin fat as hell, stfu (shut the fuck up), your so gay, don’t talk shit, Tre stfu. Your such a faggot, What an effin jokester you are, Quit talkin shit about my family, You fucking posted it on Facebook, Dumb ass, ..if I posted shit about your family?, Soo stfu, You can’t talk shit, You talked shit about my MOMS show dumbass

physicsmom: I believe that part of the reason we see so much bullying among children today is because they see adults acting out the same way and model them…

AzureGhost: Oh, but Sarah, you are very clearly showing that you CAN’T take it, that you and your family DON’T have a thick skin. Why don’t you take your advice and zip your lips?

LouieCypher: Hey Sarah, well once again right on, I think you should take bristy’s advice and dance, dance, dance around issues, policies hell pretty much everything (opps used the word hell, least it wasn’t f#ggot)…

Redwood Palinizer: One thing that really surprises me about the Palin kids is how unpolished and crude they are. Their mother has been in politics and the public eye almost their whole lives and you know they have spent many hours with adults yet they have no social skills whatsoever and simply do not know how to conduct themselves… They are the kind of kids who have been allowed to do and say whatever, whenever they want. They have had no parental supervision or guidance whatsoever…

Austintxx found this on reddit: It’s old. It’s not shocking. Yes, her daughter is preaching abstinence after becoming a teen mom. Yes, she can’t tell the difference between north and south korea. Yes, her book is filled with everything anti Obama. Are you surprised? She has an ignorant view of America, hell, the world. She has zero solutions…I’m not appalled anymore…This is who she is.

Nin1963: Narcissistic rage is not a reaction to stress – it is a reaction to a perceived slight, insult, criticism, or disagreement. Narcissistic rage is a reaction to narcissistic injury. Rage has two forms…:
I. Explosive – The narcissist erupts, attacks everyone in his immediate vicinity, causes damage to objects or people, and is verbally and psychologically abusive.
II. Pernicious or Passive-Aggressive (P/A) – the narcissist sulks, gives the silent treatment, and is plotting how to punish the transgressor and put her in her proper place. These narcissists are vindictive and often become stalkers… SOUND FAMILIAR?

Sjk: tom delay will be starring next in “dancing behind the bars”. Looks like he’ll get about 5 seasons worth.

Psalm73 had an excellent long comment; here is a snippet: No family can endure the circus that Sarah has set up for them, and not crack… Take care of those kids. They are acting out in frustration and need their parents.

Ltl1: Dear Sarah, …Thank you for tweeting the caustic, stupid, petty, childish nonsense you do. In doing so, you keep reminding us how fortunate we are that you are nowhere near the White House.

AKRNC had a great post about several young Army recruits soldiers who were unexpected guests for Thanksgiving: All I could see was three young people full of life, who would soon be going to Afghanistan… I thought of my sons and their friends and how they are too young to be fighting this senseless war… Palin’s name came up… Amy said, “I always hoped I’d be able to vote for our first female President but in all good conscience, I could NEVER vote for her…Josh & Mike said they hadn’t heard anyone in their unit say anything positive about her although they heard plenty of detrimental comments. So, Sarah, the troops… see right through your phony b.s.

We later sent hugs and prayers to AKRNC after a car crash involving her son and his family.

ProChoiceGrandma reminded us of this excellent quote from Game Change: “…her grasp of rudimentary facts and concepts was minimal. Palin couldn’t explain why North and South Korea were separate nations. She didn’t know what the Fed did. Asked who attacked America on 9/11, she suggested several times that it was Saddam Hussein. Asked to identify the enemy that her son would be fighting in Iraq, she drew a blank… Later, on the plane, Palin said to her team, “I wish I’d paid more attention to this stuff.””

Aview999 found this comment on Newsweek: This isn’t about conservative vs. liberal or democrat vs. republican; it’s about the triumph of ignorance over reason and intelligence.

Older_Wiser had a good catch: Did Twitler invent another new word?…”self-resilience”???? (yes, indeed she did, at 5:25)

Sick of Sarah: Sarah leaving Trig after his operation did not get enough coverage in the media or on the blogs. Andrew Sullivan did comment on it as follows: “Yes, she left her two-year-old with Down Syndrome after a “worrisome” operation to campaign half the world away the next day, to save a far right candidate who lost.” Sullivan forgot to point out Sarah also stayed an extra day to watch a Jets football game (after campaigning in West Va) versus returning to see how Trig was doing. Sarah dedicated her book to her “miracle from God”.. but was not mother enough to stay with two year old Trig after his operation. No REAL mother would ever do this.

Lilybart pointed out: You know her favorite movie from her “book”? Hollywood liberal elitists WROTE, ACTED AND DIRECTED Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Imagine that! Not only THAT but Sidney Buchman, who wrote her favorite movie was a COMMIE:
1951—questioned by the House Un-American Committee, admitted being a Communist Party member, 1938–45, and blacklisted from 1953; moved to Europe; 1961—hired by 20th Century-Fox as writer-producer, and worked in Europe for the rest of his career.

Wayofpeace had an excellent long comment; here is a small part: …the real story is that Palin was discussing a complex, precarious, highly dangerous issue as if she were an expert, even though she clearly isn’t.

Links of the Week

Texasgal2009: Mother Jones shows that Palin was repeatedly for TARP before she was against it and Andrew Sullivan calls her out again, this time about grizzlies

Aview999 found these links on Palin’s Unamerican Activities: HERE and HERE [BBT: I’m with Maher on this; why was this never made into an issue? It is an outrage that most Americans don’t even know that Sarah “shares the AIP’s vision.”]

This also from Aview999: another insightful comment from Andrew Sullivan: and this from ADN on Bristol “hating haters” Here is an excerpt: “…a hater is defined as somebody who disagrees or questions Sarah Palin about virtually anything…To the Palins, using the term immunizes them from criticism. You disagree, you’re a hater; your opinion, your point of view, means nothing. That’s too bad. Hiding behind “hater” is a childish, transparent and fearful self-defense gambit that signals intellectual weakness and a lack of backbone; an inability to defend an idea or principle. It insulates its user to end discourse. It forecloses on compromise, and labeling someone a “hater” is the first step in dismissing and, eventually, dehumanizing them. It’s not me; it’s you.

Juicyfruityy linked to Oz Mudflats with 10 reasons why Palin won’t be POTUS and later to Syrin’s blog

Igetit2 had another good post by Malia Litman

Mother Jones picked up the Palingates story researched by mxm with on-the-site research by Beardog321 — nice job, gumshoes!

Many ‘Gaters linked to reports of Willow Palin’s escapades

Patrick found this gem,

this from the Guardian on America by Heart and

this on Google censorship of blog critical of Palin

Rustee: Frum on Operation Stop Palin

and juicy found this, also from Frum

Rollingingraves: Richard Cohen in WaPo on Palin’s ignorance of history

Muldoon raised a good question about whether Sarah’s behavior regarding her children is a manifestation of Munchausen’s syndrome; Nin1963 found some good information on this HERE and HERE

Ifitismygame found a new blog from Malia Litman, Just say no to BS

Dusty17 pointed us toward a funny Thanksgiving post from Margaret & Helen:

Sjk found that Roland Martin picked up where Regina left off on Palin and obesity

Bluerinse linked to Frozenjustice

Zane1 found this from Robert Reich on Palin’s strategy

Austintxx linked to : Ryan Witt on Palin’s hypocrisy about the media

“…Rather than owning up to the error, Palin often shows a stubborn ability to stick by her mistake even though she knows it is wrong. This pattern amounts to more than just a gaffe, it is a real character flaw… Palin wants to be able to criticize, but not be criticized when she makes an obvious error…Fox News has thus far granted Palin’s wish, but the rest of the media should not follow suit.”

Austin also found this on Alternet on Sarah’s Palin’s “feminism”

Sdilmoak (many others shared the link and the sentiment): Stuffed Turkey? You be the judge. Are we being punked or not? As Jane noted, “…if that was a picture of me and I wasn’t pregnant, I would be humiliated.”

Anony in FL linked to Andrew Sullivan on how Palin uses her kids for political gain

Cheeriogirl found this on the Koch Bros. orchestrating the TSA revolt

And this on the biggest vulnerabilities of the potential GOP candidates

Jack Slater found more about this on Salon

Honestyingov linked to politicususa on Sarah’s Thanksgiving of Spite:

Others linked to Andrew Sullivan’s take on her childish rant

Nin1963: “How Palin Flunks Feminism” from the Daily Beast

Wayofpeace linked to HuffPo on why the North Korea gaffe matters

Tweets of the Week

@sarahpalinusa: Hear/see Vice Chairman D. Clark say that Palin was a member of the AIP before she ran for mayor:
@sarahpalinusa: “Poor” untalented, unwed teen mom Bristol brags in vulgar FB rant: “I’ll make more money tonight than you will in a year!”

Dusty17: RT @AmSpec: ‘Huge Win’ for Palin Publisher vs. Gawker \\Nope No HUGE Win see here LOL

SPECIAL ALERT: @SarahPalinUSA is whining & pouting again on FaceBook! The world must stop and take notice & PITY poor victim Sarah. AHHHH

KatieAnnieOakley: Oh look, Bristol “All Drama, All The Time” Palin on her back. Nothing to see here, nope, SSDD does she ever learn?

Let’s play “Six Degrees of Separation” Tim McVeigh 2 AK Citizens Militia Leaders 2 DropZone Bill 2 Joe Miller 2 $arah Palin – Oops… only 4

Rollingingraves found this tweet: @natalymor Bristol Palin is the antithesis of sex. Her “Cell Block Tango” made me want to barricade myself in a Swiss nunnery. And I’m a Jew. #DWTS

ProChoiceGrandma: #Palin flip-flops like halibut, 2009 SOS Address she agrees w/govt. nutrition, now disses FLOTUS. FU Sarah! #P2

I actually AGREE with @SarahPalinUSA about “LameStreamMedia”. Why in hell has MSM not reported THIS? @Palingates

Crystalwolfakacaligrl: #clownShow#Palin draws fire with North Korea gaffe Newspapers in Asia and Europe are repeating the criticism.

Bluerinse: @sarahpalinusa “What Palin has done is use her children, having failed to actually rear them.” OUCH #2pb #palin

@SarahpalinUSA Sarah Palin’s Alaska: 69% increase in Gonorrhea. How’s that abstinency/no sex ed thingy working out for ya?

Honestyingov: @TLC, What will be @SarahPalinusa New Show U TRY to sell? “What NOT to SAY!”,(excerpts from Willows FB) “100 LIES & Counting”? @spalaska #p2

WillShakepeare: @SarahPalinUSA Pebble Mine v Abundance, doesn’t add up.

Is it God talking 2 #SarahPalin all th time, & She won’t LISTEN? All of her stories R ” fishy “(#Trig, #AIP, @SarahPAC ) FishTales @spalaska

Get A Life: Obama writes inspirational kids book, gives proceeds 2 military families @sarahpalinusa has ghostwriter write book, keeps proceeds 4 herself

The last word this week goes to FreeTrig (from a longer comment): In an odd way….all of us here can be grateful to Sarah Palin for bringing so many good souls together from all over the world in a cause to protect what is truly good in this world from what is wrong. Thank you. It is an honor to stand with you.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for having yet one more day of a beautiful and rich life… we had a magical conversation about what it means to be a family and how fortunate we’ve been to have each other in this ongoing journey here. We talked about the future…and how we want to stay close and find a way to make our paths come together so we can live as a multi-generational family…

A little humor to wrap things up: Palinized pointed out this photo – nice grouping of titles at the bookstore!

And a cartoon from Tom Toles in the Washington Post, with H/T to 465janedoeseeker:


Palingates Weekly Roundup – November 15 to November 21

By Blueberry Tart

And what a week it was!

Despite producer Mark Burnett’s protestations to the contrary, Sarah admits that her TV series is laced with political messages. So this is an 8-episode, primetime political commercial, for which Palin was paid? I am shocked, shocked, I tell you! The post includes several oldies-but-goodies, including the “gotcha” interviews by the evil Katie Couric and the fearsome Charlie Gibson. Most remarkable is that Sarah said something that I actually agree with, and I urge the MSM to consider this as Sarah’s personal invitation to fully vet her: “… that ultimately harms our republic when a candidate isn’t…vetted by the media, that cornerstone of our democracy… things have got to change for the better in the state of journalism. Otherwise, you know, it could be part of a demise of our democracy if that cornerstone erodes.” So, MSM, you have your marching orders from Sarah herself: vet her.

Bonus clip: Bristol claims that her life was perfect until she got together with Levi, and that she only slept with one guy. That is a lie; she aptly described herself a “slut” (her word) when she was 16 years old and sleeping with at least 2-3 guys; she was also “a stoner.” Bristol ended a recent speech saying, “I just want girls to know that abstinence is a realistic choice.” Yet last year, she told Greta van Susteren that abstinence is “not realistic at all.”

Wow! Patrick got the worldwide scoop on Sarah Palin’s new book, America by Heart, “…Sarah Palin’s ‘Mein Kampf.’” Rather than inspiring stories, the book is full of standard Palin fare: self-righteousness, vindictiveness, criticism and projection. Let’s see, where to begin… hmm… Levi! Levi is an easy target, as Sarah criticizes him, in violation of Bristol’s custody order. She also criticizes American Idol contestants (jab at Scott Brown?) as “victims of the cult of self-esteem,” pursuing the limelight despite being “talent-deprived.” What poetic justice that this excerpt was released on the very day that Bristol Palin, who cannot dance, was voted into the finals of DWTS! The post elicited a “lawyer letter” from Harper Collins, telling Patrick to remove pages he published. Funny how other Palingates posts, notably those stating conclusively that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig, elicited no response whatsoever from Palin’s legal team. Why? Because it is true, and they know it. Palingates got MANY links and mentions by other blogs and was mentioned widely by the MSM. BRAVO!

More on the book, plus a Good Morning America clip mentions Palingates – kudos, Patrick! This post focuses on Sarah’s claim that “the charge of racism is leveled at patriotic Americans” to stifle discussion. In a remarkable chain of weakly linked, unsubstantiated assumptions, she claims that President Obama “seems to believe” that America is fundamentally unequal and unjust, and that “certainly Michelle Obama expressed this view.” She then assumes this must be because they listened to fiery sermons by Reverend (and U.S. Marine veteran) Jeremiah Wright. She brings AG Holder’s comment about America’s inability to confront racism into this train-wreck of thought. She even stoops to using Malia Obama’s question, “did you plug the hole yet, daddy?” to demean the President. I shall resist the temptation to throw in some snark here about hole-plugging. 😉

This post picked up on some good ideas from the comments: When she mentions Reverend Wright, Palingates will embed the Pastor Muthee video. When she claims that Michelle Obama is unpatriotic, we’ll highlight Sarah and Todd’s affiliation with the Alaskan Independence Party, a secessionist group with close ties to extreme right-wing militias. When she exploits the gulf oil spill, let’s play the tape of O’Reilly’s interview where she said the Norwegians could build a dike…

Several readers noted that Sarah offers a great case study in psychological projection. Simply take Sarah’s criticisms and insert the names of the people she is subliminally describing, and suddenly things make so much more sense. For example: “And how unsurprising coming from a [woman] who is [herself] one of the leading exemplars of the new culture of self-esteem.” Or: “In fact, we [are] creating a generation of entitled little whiners…[Like Bristol,] these young people feel entitled to jobs and salaries they haven’t earned. [Like Bristol,] they have unrealistic views of their own capabilities. [Like Bristol,] they don’t take criticism well, and they demand lots of attention and guidance from their employers.”

Palin’s next target is Hollywood. Palin disparages movies that show the ugly, unjust, inhumane side of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She opines that produding these films while the wars are occurring undermines the war effort. She uses names of Hollywood stars who enlisted in the military at the height of their stardom to make her point; we’ve already seen her exploit Pat Tillman’s name in a similar way. Her simplistic notion is that there is no such thing as an unjust war or a war fought for profit; soldiers’ mothers wouldn’t let that occur. Tell that to Mary Tillman, Cindy Sheehan and countless other mothers of soldiers killed or wounded in action. Patrick reminds us that many pro-war films are propaganda. As counterpoint, he recalls the epic “All Quiet on The Western Front.” Sarah reminds me of the character Kantorek, who gives speeches about the glory of serving the Homeland in wartime. But as the film painfully shows, war is hell on earth.

The post includes one of the “inspirational” quotes that we had heard would be in the book. This one is Sarah’s “favorite” part of a Toby Keith song, revealing her utterly simplistic, jingoistic notion of America’s role in the world: And you’ll be sorry that you messed with The U S of A ‘Cause we’ll put a boot in your ass It’s the American way. How uplifting. This woman wants to be Commander-in-Chief.

Please consider voting for Palingates for “Best Political Blog” if you haven’t already done so; thanks!

Comments of the Week

(Commenters, linkers and tweeters were in overdrive this week! Welcome to many new readers/posters!)

I am going to start out of order, with this response from Patrick to a compliment about his/RPK’s tremendous work on Palingates: Thank you! We do what we can. It took us a lot of time to be where we are now. However, the key is persistence. If you fight against a truly evil and dangerous person like Sarah Palin, you have to be determined and have to keep up the pressure…You need to build up a community and a network of sources and media contacts. All this takes a long time, and as an anonymous blogger, it’s not easy to establish trust. It takes time. So I am grateful and happy about what is happening now, and I DO hope that we will inspire other people as well…

Many ‘Gaters enjoyed hearing from Bill (beardog321): This lady is a fraud, but the under and less educated amongst us have been bamboozled by all the smoke and mirrors and faux charm and sexuality. I have met evil, vindictive, and self absorbed women (And men too.) like Palin, but her handlers have raised it to a national art form. [Check out the update of mxm’s guest post]

Mrs TBB wrote brilliant new words for “I Dreamed a Dream”; here is the first verse:

I dreamed a dream when months went by / And we heard naught from $arah Palin
I dreamed her crowds all went bye-bye / And every poll found $arah trailin’…

Psalm73: This PAC information should raise warning flags to even the most loyal Sarah followers. They don’t seem to have the good sense to ask why she spends so much on consulting and speechwriting, but never delivers a new speech or even a new frickin’ joke… Wikipedia…: A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods to create an idealized and heroic public image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise.

Marvinmm: …even if every single expense was judged to be on the up-and-up, how can anyone take this woman seriously as a fiscal conservative? She rails and rails against democratic wasteful spending when she manages her own organization as if it were a personal slush fund…

Wheresmyjammies: There sure are a lot of people milking that Sarah Palin gravy train. I don’t think she is getting her money’s worth. She still doesn’t sound any smarter. She doesn’t look any more attractive. Her screech is getting worse. Her behavior is more erratic. Her family is still dysfunctional. And her unapproval ratings are at an all time high. Sorry Sarah, but I think that God is just not that into you.

Later: How can such a childish, immature mind exist in a middle age body?

Virginiavoter: On the theme of Follow the Money….This post clearly shows the line between SarahPAC, and for profit ” Sarah Palin, Inc” is blurred, if not virtually non-existent…

Lilylake has Sarah figured out: Remember, everything she says; think: THE OPPOSITE

Mrsgunka led a brave band of intrepid bloggers to chronicle episode 1 of “Sarah Palin’s fake Alaska” – very funny!

Daisydem: I feel like this is the Twilight Zone and she is the producer.

Lilybart: Her schizo dressing style is an indicator of mental illness, so not just petty gossip, to me. If Hillary showed up somewhere in purple suede boots and along black velvet goth coat one day, heels in the snow and a Mao hat on the next, I would be very concerned!!

A few days later: Hubby said that DWTS and the faggot remarks are cutting through because they are not political issues. They cut through partisan ideology to bad parenting, which everyone can recognize and cheating, which no one likes.

JCos: I bet watching old episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will feel like watching Masterpiece Theater now.

Linda1961: “Sarah narrates while wearing both a cross pendant AND an American flag.” Sinclair Lewis was a bit off, he said “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” It seems that it came wearing a cross pendant and wearing a flag pin (both made in China). Good one later: If I’m wrong and $P is elected POTUS in 2012, I’m going to be praying constantly that the Mayans were right.

Ella: Napolitano asked scarah if there was a political message in the “mama grizzly” frame – they showed the clip where sp says mama bear trains her cubs and says “no one else is going to do it FOR YOU.” Palin smirks, and proudly BRAGS that you will see MANY political messages throughout the series. Meanwhile, TLC insists it is NOT political at all. Busted scarah.

TruthRocks: “Grandma, why did it take so long for the American citizens to figure out that Sarah Palin was a very sick lady and needed to be institutionalized?”

Disqusux: The original title of this book was “All the Crap That Didn’t Fit into the First Book”.

Mocha: It was fantastic this morning to open my Columbus Dispatch and see the AP story as told by Bloomberg News and the word ” Palingates” right there in my hometown newspaper. Beyond awesome. Great work Patrick and just so excited to see the work of the blog come to the forefront.

There were many good comments about Willow and Bristol’s foul-mouthed diatribe on Facebook. [BBT: I have to wonder whether, between SP’s nasty comments about talent-less contestants on American Idol and how the judges feed their delusions, and the latest proof that Bristol is just another crude diva, DWTS may soon decide that their brand has been tarnished enough by the Palins.]

Maelewis: The freedom of the press is under assault from within, not from Iraq or Afghanistan. Sarah is treated to soft ball interviews. The media reports her twitters and face book posts as if she gave an actual press conference…She remains unaccountable… ABC is part of the media, and…Palinbots [brag] that they voted hundreds of times for Bristol… TLC is part of the media, and they…air political ads in the guise of an hour reality show for Sarah. It’s all about ratings, not the truth…

465janedoeseeker: The two concepts – military, and freedom of speech – are completely separate, despite Palin’s incessant conflating of the two. The courts enforce freedom of speech, not the military. In fact, the military can even impose a chilling factor on our freedom of speech, as has been the case during periods of political protest. If someone really wanted to shout, “dontcha just love your freedoms?” in sincerity and truth, they would be holding up a copy of the Constitution, not speaking (and chest-thumping) about military invasions in other countries.

GrannyJ: Trying to make sense of what they do makes me feel like Alice trying to make sense of the Mad Hatter.

Anja: This book needs to be called “My Ugly Heart”, not “America by Heart”. Since this woman first came onto the national scene, she has spewed hate and vitriol. I can’t believe that she has gotten away with it for so long. Now her daughters are at it. Ugly Hearts, all of them.

BinCo: That last paragraph describes her perfectly. Entitled little whiner, unrealistic view of her own capabilities, undeserved salary and job, doesn’t take criticism well and needs lots of attention… She sounds like Archie Bunker criticizing those youngsters!

PUAAN: As far as I can tell, there hasn’t been any commentary in the blogosphere about the fact that Palingates received the cease and desist letter from Harper Collins, yet other sites which posted the same pages did not. I would love to see more on THAT story…

Thank you, Louie! Anyways, me a few million other american’s were wondering if daddy could plug one more hole, can you guess which one?

Anne_123 started listing all Sarah’s insults – a new book unto itself!

Maelewis: When Sarah wrote about people who were praised all their lives so that they grew up with a sense of entitlement, while lacking in talent, whining about not winning, she described herself perfectly. Nothing will ever be Sarah’s fault; she takes no responsibility for any of her actions. She is the perpetual victim, whenever she perceives criticism…Mae later had an excellent post on war films.

Kdusmdd thought “Heart” in the title must be an anagram, and dusty17 ran with it: Like This?

ApparentReality: Mix up the letters in ‘heart’, and you have “America by Hater”

Cheeriogirl is right (as usual): You know, the “teen activist” title bothers me. I’ve never heard of any one else referred to by that title. Just like everything else in Palinlandia, it was created just for Sarah, to make Bristol the Pistol’s “situation” more acceptable to the far right minions of the GOP. More smoke, more mirrors.

BluedogAK: Good God. What’s the title of her next book going to be, “America by a Tart: Reflections on Shit I’m Still Pissed About”? [BBT: let’s keep tarts out of this!]

Aspiecelia: …How strange to hear her talk about contestants on some TV show, putting them down for lack of talent while her talentless daughter is cheating her way through another show.

Sunnyjane lists the course offerings for Sarah U: Classes would consist of “How to Break the Law and Get Off Scott Free,” “Grifting for Fun and Profit,” “Not Worrying About How Untalented You Are, Your Parents Will Get You a Gig,” “How to Get Even With All the People You Hate,” “Constructing Stupid Fences With Secret Peep Holes,” “Making a Good Living By Getting Pregnant and Being Unwed at Seventeen,” etc. And this about the book title: It was a misunderstanding by the publisher. The correct title was: America by Heartless, Manifestations of Hate, Hypocrisy and Hubris.

Dsmyre: Todd on Sarah Palin’s Alaska saying his next-door neighbor was writing a hit piece on Sarah. And here’s Sarah writing a hit piece of her own… on everybody.

Casey’s Mom: BTW, it’s very hard to see in the photos, but the REAL sub-title of this “book” is ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!

Just Ask: I’m not sure who she thinks she’s kidding here. She’s the Snooki of politics…

Sick of Sarah: Todd, to prove he loves America far more than Michelle Obama, joined and was a member of the Alaskan INDEPENDENCE Party. Nothing says “Love of Country” more than secession.

Peacepax: Palingates is not here to argue, just to expose the truth, because we love our freedom.

CaliGirl22: Palin’s time tested truths are: teeth whitener, tanning bed/cream, black push up bra, red CFME pumps, bumpit, short skirts and a disabled grandson.

LouieCypher: I’m calling it “America by Louie” by Louie Cypher, Here’s a little sample from a chapter called “Look at all the great shit I did” Then there was the time I cured cancer, and you would have heard about too if it wasn’t for Obama, Obamacare, and Eddie Russle, Eddie made me eat dirt in like the second grade and it was me who had to endure this, after I called him a stinky face.

((((((♥♥♥)))))) from Palingaters to mr&mrsgunka.

Sondra Tompkins: Narcissists feed off of love and hate. Indifference is the way to starve them.

Later: A lot of folks seem to misunderstand the purpose of a military, including Sarah. It is to DEFEND a country, not invade others for seemingly pointless reasons. I served in the military with no regrets. But I am against pointless wars. I don’t think we should go around invading other countries…

Ennealogic: Talking heads everywhere, all spectrums, are weighing in on Palin’s “recycled racism” as spit out there on the pages of her latest screed. AND YOU KNOW it would not be there now, today, were it not for our incredible blog hosts.

NebraskaNative found that the phrase “confidence and brio” was used in the Christian Science Monitor May 10, 2010 article about Lena Horne.

Dusty17 has a moving comment about her husband’s return from Vietnam to a hostile reception by Alaskans. Dusty concludes with: She is not a leader, she is a divider… She is a threat to our nation’s security as IMO she would love to start the biggest race riot this country has ever seen.

Midnightcajun: One can be FOR our soldiers and AGAINST a stupid, unethical war. The truth is that Sarah doesn’t give a flying F about our soldiers; she’s selling the myth of American exceptionalism, and in that myth, America can do no wrong. She doesn’t care how many thousands of young men die or are maimed in order to perpetuate that myth

Ivyfree: Being against a stupid, unethical war IS being for our soldiers. If you ask somebody to kill, or to die, for a cause, it ought to be a damn good cause.

Forgetmyname reported on an interview with Bristol, who said that “hate fires me up” and “hate fuels me.” BBT: Fascinating admission; apparently it’s genetic.

Madam Deal and Emily Peacock quoted several beautiful poems on the toll of war, and Me Guest had lyrics on how most of today’s politicians and captains of industry do not put themselves or their children at risk in war. “If there was honour in the battle… there’d be princes in the line.”

Ginger50 posted a sad, powerful piece on homeless teenagers in Wasilla, AK. Unfortunately, this story will not be shown on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

Jenny B: I was a Navy wife for 19 years. I kept the home fires burning through 6 cruises so I think I qualify as part of the military. So I can tell you that I find SP’s comments insulting! What has she done to make sacrifices for her country? Did she spent 50% of her life away from her loved ones? Did she have to worry about her spouse who was half way across the world flying off an aircraft carrier? Did she have to raise her children alone most of the time? Yet in her mind, I am not a patriot because I don’t agree with her!

BBT says: There are many more comments, but I HAVE to stop here or I’ll have a book of my own! Good stuff, Palingaters!

Links of the Week

Dusty made a Sarah Palin Bingo game for us to play during Sarah’s unreality show!

Palinized found that the evil Katie Couric struck again, with an interview with Lisa Murkowski that is less than complimentary to Sarah.

Juicyfruityy linked to politicususa; to this on Palin’s dwindling influence in AK and Murkowski’s claim that she will work across the aisle.

to more from Karl Rove on Sarah Palin’s famously thin skin

and to Malia Litman on Sarah Palin’s lessons in absurdity

Bluerinse found this brilliant clip from Jon Stewart

Older_Wiser linked to a great one from flyinyoureye

Disqusux with a more appropriate title for the book

CDNpotpourri linked to another brilliant comment by Andrew Sullivan

Cheeriogirl found this, with a GREAT comment by Barb C (scroll down).

Millionaires say tax us; and this with Bristol and the Situation on abstinence and birth control.

Sunnyjane linked to Margaret and Helen with another outstanding post

Pammyg linked to an excellent post by Sarah Jones; here is a great quote: If this were you and you needed to sell yourself as pro-America, and you had no scruples to get in the way, you would do what Palin does best: the best defense is a good offense. Accuse the other side of your largest weakness. Add a bit of deflection, a hint of martyrdom and an exquisite mixture of doe-eyed, thigh-high skirted claims of victimization and you have yourself a winner. Sarah Palin is the Great White Hope of the far right KKK tied secessionist, anarchist movement, the birthers, the white nationalists, and the pseudo Christians who use Christ to demonize “the Other”.

Bandit Basheert: The Hill on Lisa Murkowski as “heavyweight” to SP and JM as “lightweights.”

AzureGhost: The BBC is onto “Sarah Palin’s Fake Alaska.”

and this from the Mudflats

Annettek posted this link to an AIP meeting where the speaker says, “Our [then] current Governor, Sarah Palin…was an AIP member before she got the job as the mayor of a small town…but to go along and get along she eventually joined the Republican Party…”

Honestyingov: “Former ABC Reporter Jami Floyd Slams Sarah Palin as an ‘Extraordinary Ass’ on MSNBC.”

Here is a link to ADN/AP review of America by Heart

Emily Peacock: politicususa on Republicans linking Sarah to Soros

Voiceinwind: why we are in Afghanistan: HERE and HERE

Anja found this oldie but goodie from Dick Cavett

Juicyfruityy found that Phil Munger has a post on Palingates – thanks, Phil!

Tweets of the Week

Ennealogic: SarahPAC paid almost $1mil to consultants so far this year, but @SarahPalinUSA disapproval at all time high!

ProChoiceGrandma: #Palin’s Movemnt Urges ‘Godly’ To ‘Plunder’ Wealth of ‘Godless’ She plunders thru SarahPAC

(with H/T to Guest and Joy Behar’s mother): @Palingates: Sarah #Palin, don’t spit up in the air, it comes back in your face. #GOPlies

Honestyingov: @NYDAILYNEWS, sez abt @spalaska “just go back to Sarah Palin’s Alaska and enjoy that subsidy welfare-y thing” #p2

@BristolPalin CHOSE 2 have Fam. Friend- Morlocks on Nat’l TV. Must be pretty CLOSE? read THIS. @ABC_DWTS #p2

Dusty17/Emily Peacock: Americans R now saying “The lady (I use the term loosely) doth protest 2 much 2 deflect attention from the truth” re: @SarahPalinUSA & FEC.

Dusty17/Nin1963: @SarahPalinUSA “didn’t mind quitting on Alaskans, but quitting on a fake mountain climb ($ millions at stake 4 a reality show) is a no no”

Dusty17/Psalm73: Jeez @SarahPalinUSA Rather than piss & moan re:Hollywood & its messages, Y not educate UR self in what is acceptable social behavior? #PWT

Dusty17/laprofesora: Gee, who wouldn’t want a president who lists among their favorite movies “Knocked Up” and “40 Year Old Virgin”? umm @SarahPalinUSA #PWT

Sunnyjane: @sarahpalinusa: FEC is investigating A LOT MORE than piddly $25. What about Pie Spy LLC? They’re gonna getcha, Sarah, you betcha!

@sarahpalinusa: Hate to break it to ya, Sarah, but salmon “slaying” and fake mountain climbing do NOT qualify you for President of U.S.

@sarahpalinusa: Palin backs ANOTHER loser, Joe Miller! Palin “winners” include head-stomping advocate, Rand Paul. Very presidential, Sarah.

@sarahpalinusa: The media didn’t vet Pres. Obama, huh? Wait til they start vetting YOU about Rev. Muthee, the AIP, Mat-Su Dairy, Trig, etc.
@sarahpalinusa: Palin’s new book “America by Heart” is NOT about America. It’s about HER, and shows how dark and vindictive her soul is.
@sarahpalinusa: Congratulations on your new book, Sarah! You have effectively given new meaning to the words Hate, Hypocrisy & Hubris.

Crystalwolfakacaligrl: Fox’s Gretchen Carlson Says Sarah Palin Was “Self Defecating” @spalaska Yes she shits on herself all the time, lol!

Roseanne Cash to Sarah: He was pres. of the Harvard law review, a constitutional scholar and a Senator. And you?

Wesinoregon on Sarah’s tweet about WATERBOARDING the editor of Gawker: @sarahpalinusa #sarapalinusa #p2 #tcot Palin calling 4 torture @Gawker 3 hours ago reply

KatieAnnieOakly: My first tweet: “The line between Divine Intervention & Divine Retribution is a fine line. Those who tread recklessly fall hard from public & God’s graces.”

@SarahPalinUSA One of These Things is Not Like the Others:
@SarahPalinUSA One of These Things is Not Like the Others also –
@SarahPalinUSA One of These Things is Not Like the Others too –
@SarahPalinUSA One of These Things is Not Like the Others, you betcha –

@SarahPalinUSA We’ve seen how your kids speak and act on Facebook attacking a kid for his opinion. What horrors do they commit in person?

The last word this week goes to Jim: While Bush was President you couldn’t utter a single bad thing about him because you were enabling the enemy by being critical about the Commander in Chief. Yet the far right led by Palin now believe it’s patriotic to be critical towards Obama, their disrespect bordering on sedition… I served 23 years and I’m tired of being labeled as being unpatriotic because I don’t think we should be occupying two countries, countries that didn’t attack us in any way shape or form. I’m tired of being labeled unamerican because I’m not a far right conservative Tea Partier. If anything the Tea Partiers…[are] the ones that hate what America is. Sorry for the rant but I’ve had it with Palin and her act…